Actor Uses San Diego's Studios Downtime for Profit

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Guy Chapman's always been a writer. But when several San Diego based shows were canceled, he turned his passion into a career to support himself.

Guy Chapman's always been a writer. But when several San Diego based shows were canceled, he turned his passion into a career to support himself. He was pleasantly surprised to see rewards with his new freelance business.

"I was just trying to find something to pay the bills until the shows returned to San Diego," he stated with a grin, "I never realized how many writing opportunities are out there just waiting for someone to grab." "I just wish I started this business earlier." "I was a background actor for some of the shows in San Diego like Veronica Mars, Wicked Wicked Games, Watch Over Me and a few others. It was blast to work at Stu Segall Studios and I'm very grateful for the opportunities they gave to me. However, some things come to an end or stop for a bit while they're on hiatus."

Guy like many other of his actor friends had to look for more traditional lines of employment as the lull continued. "I'm not really a traditional 9 to 5 office worker," he admitted sheepishly, "I find most artistic people don't do well in corporate environments when they have to be there all day." "I do work with corporate businesses," he stressed, "But as a home based freelancer, I'm hired for my creativity and nobody cares if I'm wearing white socks with black slacks and have a soda on my desk."

Guy's written subjects ranging from Doctor Who television reviews, press releases for restaurant tequila dinners, film reviews, travel articles, tips on raising a baby (He doesn't have children unless one counts his chatty Cairn Terrier), search engine keyword articles to video game reviews.

"I'm really lucky to have income from this home based business. I can move almost anywhere in the world and still be able to keep this source of income. With a traditional job, I'd lose the seniority and have to start over every time I moved unless it was with the same company." "As long as I have an internet connection, I'm able to keep working and keep building my business."

When asked if he would return to acting he responded with an enthusiastic yes. "I see myself as both a writer and an actor. In some cases they mesh together when I'm asked to give suggestions on scripts." "When the acting work returns to San Diego, I'm still going to keep writing." "Acting is very sporadic job and I want to keep doing something when I'm not called. Even during shoots, there are times when we aren't needed," he admitted. "Having a writing assignment gives me something extra to do until I'm called for a scene."

Guy's interests besides writing and acting involve video games, classic films, art, Disneyland, and travel.

If you are interested in learning more about Guy or contacting him for Freelance projects, he and his writing partner can be reached through his website, or by calling him at: (702) 664-0565.


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