U.S. Senate Given Fastwalkers UFO / Disclosure DVDs

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Robert D. Miles announced today that the "Fastwalkers They Are Here, Congress Update" DVD has been delivered to each member of the United States Senate.

The governments of Earth are scared to death the truth is going to get out.

"Fastwalkers" Exc. Producer/Writer Robert D. Miles announced today that the ''Fastwalkers Congressional Update'' DVD, labeled "Top Secret" have been delivered to each member of the United States Senate.

X-PPAC Executive Director Stephen Bassett made an earlier statement at the X-Conference Press Conference held in Washington D.C at the National Press Club, which was reported in the Washington Post article dated September 18, "that these especially created DVDs would be forthcoming" soon.

Fastwalkers is a code name for UFO/ET's used by various government agencies worldwide to identify, report, and discuss, Alien or unknown objects which enter our atmosphere from outer space. Satellites are known as "Slow-Walkers".

''Fastwalkers, The Motion Picture'', covered in the Washington Post article reveals the secrets that the governments of the world do not want their citizens to know about.

Robert, a Show Low, Arizona USA resident of 23 years stated to Sean Dieterich, reporter for the White Mountain Independent newspaper, "The governments of Earth are scared to death the truth is going to get out." Miles also added, "Show Low, Arizona is the heart of the ET disclosure movement."

The ''Fastwalkers Congressional Update DVD'' is a "Director's Cut" of the original Fastwalkers Motion Picture which has been premiering in big screen theaters worldwide and is now the number one best selling DVD in its genre.

Fastwalkers was filmed, edited, and mastered in High Definition and has played to ''Sold out audiences'' in Phoenix, Toronto, Washington D.C. and Robert's home town Show Low, Arizona. It has also won the prestigious EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) "Peoples Choice" award from the International UFO Congress, the largest gathering of its kind in the world.

Miles, states, "The American people, and all peoples of our world, have a right to know the truth about what has been covered up for over forty years." He also promises ongoing disclosure information and additional UFO and ET related witness testimony from persons worldwide that will shock and educate all the people of Earth to what's really going on.

What is needed says Miles, is for all the people of the United States to do what the people of Brazil did when they demanded "UFO and ET Involvement Disclosure" from their government, by collecting 40,000 signatures and forcing their government and military to admit UFO investigators into their "Top Secret" archives.

"The people of our United States can do a lot more signatures than that. People need to get involved again in local, regional, and national politics," says Miles. "They need to draft, support candidates who will focus on the ET Disclosure issues. That is the only way they will ever get the truth, and the lies and cover-up exposed."

The White Mountain Region of Arizona USA is a "Hot Spot" in terms of UFO activity. Travis Walton (Fire In The Sky) lives in Snowflake Arizona a small American town in the White Mountains.

Miles promises that "Top Secret" documents will be released soon. "These documents, along with UFO photos gathered from around the world, must be shown to Congress, but more importantly, to all the peoples of the world," says Miles. "Jerry Pippin, http://www.jerrypippin.com , a Tulsa, OK radio station owner and international respected talk show host, has hundreds of documented disclosure interviews on his website," reports Miles.

Miles, http://www.safespaceproject.com , is asking for local, regional, national, and international people to "get involved in a grass roots political movement to force Congress to 'Tell the withheld secrets to the entire world.' 'The time for secrecy is over,'" says Miles. He Maintains the key question, that all political candidates should be asked is, "Have you been fully and recently briefed on top secret UFOs and ET information?"

"Support the candidates who will demand disclosure. Disclosure is the hidden information that the governments of the world don't want let out about UFOs and ETs. Put it on the table in plain political view. We all have a right to know the truth," said Robert in his recent White Mountain Independent interview.

"If congress won't act then we need a new group of honest, straight forward candidates who will make UFOs and ETs a debate topic. Brazil took this issue to the public though word of mouth, newspapers, radio, and on the internet, and they forced their country to open their secret archives. So can we!"

"Fastwalkers They Are Here, Congress Update" is available on DVD though the related links on this release.

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Robert D. Miles
Creator of The Safespace Project
Fastwalkers Exc. Producer/Writer

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