With Halloween in the Air, Witch School Teaches Magic to Everyday World

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In Harry Potter's world, wizards and witches are separated from the world of Muggles. In the real world, Witch School reaches out and teaches that everyone can use magic on a daily basis.

Halloween gets us all thinking about magic this time of year. Everywhere in our fiction and our history we see magic being a force for good and for ill, and it always seems to awaken the spirit of wonder in children and adults alike. Yet magic is one of the most elusive forces that humanity believes in and practices. In order to discover the real truth about magic in the 21st century, you can go to WitchSchool.com and connect with people who believe that magic is alive and well in today's world.

The question many ask this Harvest season is 'What is Magic, and is it real?' According to Rev. Don Lewis, CEO of Witch School, "Magic is the ability to change the world with your inner energy. We all have abilities that come from our spirit that are simply amazing. We need only accept and channel our magical energies to create wonders and miracles in our lives and in the lives of those around us."

What is startling about Witch School's drive to teach everyone magic is the opposition by many Christian Clergy. They claim that the Bible outlaws the practice, and God condemns those who practice it. Rev. Don Lewis states "While it is easy to condemn what we don't understand, it takes a real open mind to see that the Bible is filled with magic. Jesus was visited by three Magi, who were practitioners of magic. Jesus himself practiced divine magic. Those who condemn magic are really people who are afraid of our God-Given gifts of spirit, and who also ridicule scientific ideas such as evolution. They are afraid of what they do not want to understand, and they don't want you to understand it either. It's really very sad."

With Rev. Don Lewis at the helm, Witch School seeks to change this perception by teaching magic to everyone who desires to learn. Regardless of whether you want to learn magic because you are a Harry Potter fan, or if you are a serious student of the arcane arts, Witch School offers courses in real magic from around the world.

Witch School CEO Don Lewis offers this concluding thought, "Magic is a tangible, life-changing force in our world. It would be a crime against humanity not to pursue magic for the benefit of all people everywhere."

To learn more about Witch School and its lessons, visit the site WitchSchool.com and open yourself to a whole world of magical possibilities.

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