Tennessee Firm to Offer New Nationwide Privacy Service

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SubpoenaVerify.com (http://www.SubpoenaVerify.com) today announced it will soon offer a unique service to provide greater protection for the confidential information of the general public.

Some time ago SubpoenaVerify.com's founders began soliciting feedback from the legal community on the idea for a service that could help protect individuals and businesses alike from becoming victims of the crime of a "simulated legal process" or what is most commonly known as sham subpoenas and fake search warrants.

Recipients of these false documents, many times a bank and often an Internet service provider, are given the impression that a demand for your personal or business information, from the sender, is genuine and that they are legally required to comply.

SubpoenaVerify.com's service will properly authenticate these requests before confidential documents are released. The service will be marketed to both online and brick and mortar businesses alike. Clients will also be able to display a logo on their website and physical place of business signifying their use of the service and commitment to customer privacy.

SubpoenaVerify.com is the brainchild of Christian recording artist and broadcast journalist Raven Rice, who found herself under a bogus subpoena and fake search warrant attack on the orders of a major telecommunications company.

A resident of Chattanooga, Tennessee, she accidentally discovered the problem through a courageous vendor who thought something was not quite right and spoke up.

Typically acting on behalf of another party, the main occupational offenders engaging in this illegal behavior are unscrupulous attorneys, debt collectors, private detectives and in the case of Ms. Rice, law enforcement officers engaging in an unauthorized rogue operation.

"In some cases the documents are legitimate but in most cases they are not," says Rice. "The majority of these informational demands are vetted in house, but poorly so, while most of the requests are given a cursory glance and the records released as requested. "

In the case of a business, the unauthorized release of its financial records could spell disaster in the hands of a competitor. Banking transactional data contains a bevy of confidential information regarding vendors, suppliers and pricing that is proprietary to a company's business model and in the wrong hands, could seriously undermine their competitive advantage. What insurance company is willing to pay a claim resulting from damages to a customer as a result of the wrongful release of confidential information?

Ms Rice predicts that as use of the service becomes widespread, the logo will act as a deterrent much like the effect of a security alarm sticker displayed in the window of a home. The bogus requests for information will drastically drop, and the abusers will be forced to play by the rules.

Fortunately, the services of SubpoenaVerify.com will be free to the client with the costs paid by those requesting the information in the form of a "research fee." This will spell relief for the thousands of small, home based and Internet businesses that can't afford the legal expense of paying a law firm retainer each month whether legal requests for information come in or not.

SubpoenaVerify.com's strategic partners and advisory board consisting of civil rights, consumer and privacy advocates will be announced as the service launch date, targeted for the first quarter of 2008, nears.

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