Crisis Expert and President of the World Foundation for Peace and Security Asks Humanity and World Leaders to Exercise Love

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World leaders are attached to their own agenda. Terrorists with fanatical theologies of hate and the feeders of these groups have placed the world in a critical situation, which if not stopped immediately, is more than likely to lead to a catastrophic world war. Admiral P. Kikareas, president of the World Foundation for Peace & Security and a well-known crisis management expert, says that the world is in a SOS situation, and seriously orchestrated actions must be taken immediately.

If we don't stop them by world mobilization it might bring a most disastrous World War III. Then it will be too late.

Admiral P. Kikareas, president of The World Foundation for Peace & Security, announced today that the free world should be mobilized as soon as possible. "The US is paying a big price fighting terrorists and trying to protect the world," Kikareas says. "If we don't stop them by world mobilization it might bring a most disastrous World War III. Then it will be too late."

Kikareas asks the leaders of the world to consider this and understand that humanity is close to a major catastrophe if people don't become fellows, associates and partners for a unique and united world.

"Since the creation of the universe, there has been the law for the evolution and harmony of all matters. This was, is and will be forever the law of the creator. This is something that no one can argue about, as there can be nothing without a creator. The human mind is very limited to understand anything before this point."

Since creation, human beings have had the great gift of logos (word), reasoning, searching and developing; then things started to change, Kikareas says. The societies and the communities, in order to live and survive, had to create and apply their laws. Their government, their system and organizations, etc. changed for the betterment of the citizens.

Humanity had to live and progress in a similar way with nature and create laws that would be in harmony with the law of the creator, Kikareas says.

"Our creator is pure love and everything created is based on this infinite love, which is freedom, care, service, forgiveness and the most powerful connecting and living power," Kikareas says. "Because of His nature, which is love, he respects the freedom of all human beings, as love gives freedom."

Because of the different beliefs and ideologies, as well because of the differences of the characters of each person, community and society, the nation had to establish certain rules for everyone to be free to live a safe life, Kikareas says. "This is giving everyone the freedom to follow his spiritual beliefs and ways that would make him/her feel closer to the creator," Kikareas says. "This is a need of each human being, it is very essential to know that in the ancient and modern Greek language, the human being is called 'Anthropos,' which is a word coming from two other words, the word 'Ano,' which means 'high above' and 'Throsko,' which means 'Look for'. This is because only the human being has the knowledge of God and is communicating with Him.

"Here we need to make a very critical discrimination," Kikareas says. "It is not allowed by anyone, any group or belief to break the laws of the country, which protect all citizens from threat and provide harmony and freedom.

"When people tried to trap Jesus Christ and show him a coin with the face of Caesar and asked him which law to follow, he clearly said 'You should give to the Caesar what is for the Caesar and to God what you have to give to the God'.

"Groups and beliefs that do not follow this but have different laws that threaten the law and the citizens of the country with extreme ideas, philosophies and religions should not have any place in this country. This is dangerous, and when followed by teaching individuals to give their lives for changing the laws of the country, the terror starts.

"Countries must be protected from these terrorist actions. All media around the world must find the best ways to educate all these believers that what they are doing is not correct and they are mislead.

"There is no place for groups with these beliefs in the western free world. We need to protect our culture and people and educate these believers using all kinds of ways and means to state that their belief is wrong and does not come from our creator, who is love. Love is freedom, service and care for humanity and nature. It is not by any means violence, terror and killings."

Kikareas says that humanity is in a most critical period where terror is everywhere, with killing without mercy and extremist groups that believe they are send by God to either make all people believe the same or kill them.

"We need to stop the feeders and destroy their threats as soon as possible and educate humanity," Kikareas says.

About Admiral Panagiotis Kikareas
Admiral Panagiotis Kikareas H.N. (ret.) Ph.D. is president of the World Foundation for Peace and Security; a non-profit organization that aims to assist countries in finding the best ways to build a safe, creative and prosperous environment for entire mankind to live in.

For more information please contact:
Admiral. P. Kikareas
World Communicator
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World Foundation for Peace & Security
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