Narconon Arrowhead Wants Families to Be Prepared During 2007 Holiday Season By Offering a Free Book

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Overcoming addiction starts during holidays starts with discovering how to defeat cravings

Narconon Arrowhead wants families to be prepared this 2007 holiday season. According to Narconon Arrowhead, addiction issues are at their worst during the holidays. This year, Narconon Arrowhead is offering a free booklet to help families who are dealing with addiction and focusing on all of the mechanics behind addiction. One of the key contributing factors to addiction is the associated cravings.    

Without eliminating cravings, one's chances of permanent recovery from addiction are very slim. The good news is that cravings can be eliminated.

No one wants to be an addict. Anyone who has an alcoholic or drug addict close to them may find this impossible to believe but it's true. Until that addict finds a way out of the trap of compelling drug or alcohol cravings, he or she may find it impossible to quit using drugs, no matter how much he knows he must, no matter how hard she may wish for relief from her addiction.

Someone who has never been addicted may have difficulty comprehending the iron grip of drug or alcohol cravings. An alcoholic or drug addict will commonly feel that life itself depends on getting and using the substance to which they are addicted. Nothing is more important, not one's job, family, home, or any other obligation.

Whether the addictive substance is alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine or cheese (the new mix of heroin and Tylenol), when drug cravings are in full swing, lying or stealing are insignificant compared to the overwhelming need to satisfy the intense cravings and to prevent the sickness and pain of withdrawal.

The secret to eliminating these cravings lies in a thorough detoxification process that enables the body to flush out metabolites and toxins. With exercise to stimulate circulation, time spent in a dry sauna, and a specific regimen of nutritional supplements, drug metabolites can be eliminated, resulting in a person who can think more clearly and whose drug cravings have been alleviated. The rehabilitation program at Narconon Arrowhead, one of the country's leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation and education centers, includes such a detoxification, referred to as the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program.

Peter H. is a graduate of the Narconon Arrowhead program. He said, "I first started drinking alcohol and using pot when I was fourteen. By sixteen, I was using LSD, speed and cocaine. At forty, I was hopelessly strung out on heroin. My addiction destroyed everything. I ended up homeless, penniless and almost dead. I found Narconon and started their program. After I completed the detoxification portion of the program, I was clear-headed and had no drug cravings whatsoever. After more than two years of being clean, I know without a doubt I can live my life without drugs. Thank you for saving my life."

To help citizens in your community understand how addiction can be overcome during this holiday season, Narconon is making the booklet Healing Addicted Lives available free for the asking. Indispensable for anyone faced with drug abuse in their community, this informative booklet fully explains how addiction starts, the three barriers to recovery and how these barriers can be overcome.

To obtain your free copy of Healing Addicted Lives, call Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian, Oklahoma at 1-800-468-6933, send an email to or visit The Narconon program was founded in 1966 by William Benitez in Arizona State Prison, and is based on the humanitarian works of L. Ron Hubbard. For more than forty years, in more than 120 centers around the world, Narconon programs restore drug and alcohol abusers and addicts to a clean and sober lifestyle.


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