"Question Companion" Helps Autism-Spectrum Kids Answer "Where," "How," "Why" And More

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Natural Learning Concepts Helps Children Conquer Questions

A question can seem like such a simple thing. But for a child on the autism spectrum, it can be an intimidating and challenging concept. Parents of autism-spectrum kids are thrilled when their children begin to speak, but they soon become concerned if their child is unable to grasp the concept of a question. Luckily, Natural Learning Concepts (http://www.NLconcepts.com) has addressed this skill with its cleverly designed "Question Companion."

Teaching questions is not always an easy task for parents of autism-spectrum children. With this in mind, NLConcepts designed a product (the "Question Companion") to help. "We created this new bundle after extensive testing. It's commended by teachers, SLP's and parents of autism-spectrum children," comments NLC Co-Founder Jene Aviram. "We understand parental concerns. While gaining skills and progress every day, the abilities of autism-spectrum kids to comprehend and answer questions often lag behind; leaving a gap that sets children back in comprehension and communication." Most conversations are an exchange of questions and answers on a single topic; therefore, the ability to ask and answer questions is crucial for kids on the autism spectrum. Aviram adds, "It's a step that cannot be overlooked if you are to communicate easily and appropriately with others."

It's not surprising, then, that the "Question" cards are some of NLC's most popular products, helping children to understand and answer so many of those vital questions all starting with the words "What," "When," "Where," "Why," "Which" and "How." Questions are one of the fundamentals of learning conversation, and social skills often among the most challenging for autism-spectrum children to master, however the NLC "Question" card sets provide an easy and stress-free way for kids to comprehend questions as a natural part of socialization.

Natural Learning Concepts "Questions" cards are unique because the combination of bright, vivid photographs on the front of each card, with the naturally ordered question and answer sequences on back, helps children to learn the progressions of questions, answers, and (ultimately) conversations. "Each question sequence is like a little story," adds Co-Founder Jocelyn Blum, "one that relates the small events and activities that naturally occur in a child's daily life."

Natural Learning Concepts is recognized for its superb range of books and therapeutic materials to improve communication, language, socialization and comprehension. As the latest in its series of promotions, the company announces a new special for autism-spectrum kids, teachers, and families. For a limited time only, NLC is discounting the "Question Companion" and throwing in a FREE social storybook for one low price. Included in the Question Companion is the "What and How Question Set" which teaches children to master simple and complex questions. The "Entertainment" Question Series, meanwhile, has expertly designed question sequences which soon have children answering questions about all the places they enjoy visiting such as the Movies, Restaurant, Amusement Park, Petting Zoo and more. As an added bonus, and as the perfect complement to this set, a free social storybook from NLC's popular "Now I Get it!" series is included, entitled "Answering Questions & Saying Hi and Bye."

About the Natural Learning Concepts 'Question Companion'

As with each product created by Natural Learning Concepts, a prototype of each 'Questions' pack is created and then tested for appeal and effectiveness with children on the autism spectrum. The pack is then revised multiple times using direct feedback and input from the children, as well as using feedback from their parents, caregivers, and teachers as well. Only when each product achieves strong results and enthusiastic feedback across the board, does it go into production.

The expertly designed formula of the "What and How" Question set teaches children to answer "How" and "What" questions with ease. This versatile set teaches three different levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. The Beginner level teaches children to identify and label actions. The Intermediate level teaches children to understand and answer "What" questions. The Advanced level teaches children to answer "How" questions in three simple stages, using the unique "back-chaining" method that's included with the product. Here, children easily learn to answer "How" questions with a three-step answer. The "Entertainment" series, meanwhile, includes questions sequences about all the popular places kids frequently visit. Each question sequence is like a small story which visually depicts these outings. Children learn to comprehend and answer questions starting with "Why," Where," "What," "Which" and "When." Every question and answer is depicted with a high-quality photograph on the front of the card.

Each "Questions" set is priced at $24.95, however through October 31, 2007, NLC will be offering the "What and How" and "Entertainment" 'Question' sets together with a free social storybook for only $39 -- a savings of $21! This latest superb savings opportunity from Natural Learning Concepts is available for immediate and secure purchase via their website, at http://www.NLconcepts.com.

About Natural Learning Concepts

Natural Learning Concepts is committed to the acceptance, celebration and understanding of people with autism exactly as they are. Their range of outstanding books, materials and inspirational content are designed to facilitate communication, increase speech, language and comprehension while having fun in the process. All of the materials on the Natural Learning Concepts website are used for teaching children at all levels of the autism spectrum as well as those diagnosed with PDD-NOS, Asperger's, ADHD and speech and language delays. The company's materials include its hugely popular "Conversation Starters," its "Learn to Talk About" series, as well as a wide assortment of bestselling social storybooks for autism, and much more. Each of its products is routinely used for ABA therapy, early intervention, verbal behavior therapy, speech therapy and special education. Parents, teachers, and other loved ones enjoy using these tools to celebrate and work with that special child in their life who has autism.

Please visit the Natural Learning Concepts website to learn more, as well as to take part in its diverse and passionate online community, at http://www.NLconcepts.com. Also, don't miss its exciting new Job Community for those on the autism spectrum, at http://www.nlconcepts.com/autism-jobs.htm.

For more information on Natural Learning Concepts or its products, please contact publicist Angela Mitchell, at (904) 982-8043, or Paramitch @ aol.com. Meanwhile, to contact founders Jene Aviram or Jocelyn Blum directly for interviews, please call 1-800-823-3430, (631) 858-0188, or e-mail Info @ NLconcepts.com.

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