Career Test for College Seniors Shows They Admire Honest Candidates Over Practical Candidates

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Career test shows college seniors prefer honesty in poitical candidates.

simply measures college seniors' attitudes. It uncovers each student's unique areas, and tells them where those areas should lead them for jobs.

When taking the "Who Are You Anyway" or WAYA™ career test, college seniors showed a strong preference for telling it straight even when it leads to defeat.

"This WAYA career test," said Gary Sutton, author of the test, "simply measures college seniors' attitudes. It uncovers each student's unique areas, and tells them where those areas should lead them for jobs."

"Part of the "WAYA" analysis is measuring the seniors' basic attitudes," he said. "One question out of 135 simply told the tales of Barry Goldwater and Walter Mondale," Sutton explained. The career assessment mentioned that both Goldwater, a conservative, and Mondale, a liberal, expressed their beliefs honestly in Presidential elections. Both lost in landslides.

"But the vast majority of college seniors," said Sutton, "said they admired these candidates. It didn't matter that both of them rode off the cliff, waving their flags proudly."

The WAYA career test is for college seniors. It measures twenty different characteristics. Unlike all other tests, it only measures college seniors against other college seniors. This quiz is the only one that ignores average responses, so the students can concentrate on those few areas where they are truly unique.

"Too many tests force you into a box," Sutton said. "You're an optimist or a pessimist. You must be aggressive or timid. You are called an introvert or an extrovert. That's bogus. If you're in the 49th percentile and called laid back in the morning, perhaps you swallow a cup of coffee and make the 51st percentile in the afternoon, then being labeled ambitious. It's silly."

The WAYA profiler, available at ignores those average traits and highlights a college senior's truly unique areas.

About the WAYA™ Career Test for College Seniors
The WAYA career test is designed for college seniors, and it measures 20 different job traits and attitudes using 135 questions. The resulting profile shows a student where they differ significantly from other seniors. Many other career tests force every trait into black and white extremes and label users as "dominate," "articulate," or "shy," etc., on a number of traits. However most people fall into the average bell-shaped curve for most traits, which makes the results less important. The WAYA test is different because it uncovers extreme traits where a student differs from 95% of other college seniors, which has direct relevance to career choices. The results are anonymously added to the data pool, and the norms are adjusted each month.


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