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Changing the way manufactures move their freight, an Inovative Online Freight marketplace for shippers and carriers providing the opportunity to reduce costs and increase profits. Available for all commercial shippers and DOT authorized carriers

We will have over 1500 agents in the field by the end of 2008. Those individuals that become an Agent with XsCapacity have such an incredible opportunity that it makes my job quite easy.

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Working to meet the needs of both shippers and carriers throughout the United States, XSCapacity, Inc. has created a web based application designed to increase profits for both parties. The online Marketplace gives shippers the opportunity to post all their truck shipments on the XSCapacity website, while giving carriers the opportunity to bid on loads that are posted that match their criteria. Notifications are sent to the carriers letting them know the "Who", "What" and "Where" for the transportation purposes. In addition to this automated notification system, there is a complete Carrier Support Team to assist them in the event that questions arise or training is needed. By utilizing an automated system, a high quantity of carriers can easily be supported while maintaining quality. Neither, shippers or carriers will incur surcharges, software fees, membership fees or other fees charged by similar web sites.

XSCapacity, Inc. will serve the largest industry segment in the United States. There are over one million trucks on the road each day and the goal of XSCapacity is to help ensure that all of their carriers travel with full loads whenever possible. This will not only increase their profitability it will make a huge contribution to having a cleaner atmosphere through the reduction in fuel used to transport partially full loads. This will truly be an "online marketplace for excess capacity". We have built a system that brings value and benefit to both sides of the transportation partnership. Our mission statement is to fill the 'XScapacity' of empty trailers, while driving the reduced cost directly to the bottom line of both shippers and trucking companies, Steve Krubinski, co-founder, XSCapacity.com explains. "No longer will carriers have to move partially full loads while shippers search for fair rates to move their freight. Neither carriers or shippers should have to pay fees just to access an online marketplace designed for the benefit of both." Through the assistance of Jim Campbell, the Vice President of Sales and Carrier Operations XsCapacity will use his 31 years of experience in Transportation Sales and Carrier Relations to provide "never before offered" services that will make an incredible impact on efficiency and profitability.

XSTeamBuilders.com was launched today to begin Building the Team of Outside Independent Agents for XsCapacity. These Agents will own and operate a Home Based Business that will focus strictly on getting the word out to Shippers all over the country about this New Online Marketplace that gives them the opportunity to get competitive bids on their shipments. XSCapacity Agents will soon become the largest outside sales force in the transportation industry and they will also be a very big part of how XSCapacity will change how freight is moved around the world. K.C.Byers was brought on board as Vice President of Field Development to build an Army of Independent Sales Agents that will be in the field calling on shippers, demonstrating the XSCapacity website and helping them get started posting their first shipments. K.C. has over 27 years Team Building experience and he says "We will have over 1500 agents in the field by the end of 2008. Those individuals that become an Agent with XsCapacity have such an incredible opportunity that it makes my job quite easy."

Co-founder Dave Dobbins explains what is unique about XSCapacity.com. "XSCapacity.com will have an inside Carrier Support Group to maintain contact with their carriers, notifying them via phone when posted shipments meet the profile of the desired loads they are seeking to fill their backhaul needs or to balance partial loads. Our service is so valuable to all shippers, from the small to midsized shipper all the way up to major corporations shipping volumes of freight on a daily basis. This type of marketpelace for excess capacity is way over due. The only choices previously available to the industry were freight brokers. XSCapacity is not a freight broker, or just a site that charges fees to have access even though they may not move shipments posted on their board. Our objective is to assist shippers and carriers with increasing their profits while maximizing their productivity in their shipping departments as well as in their dispatch offices."

Prior to founding XSCapacity.com, Steve Krubinski spent a number of years as a software consultant in the transportation and other industries. Dave Dobbins served the transportation industry for over 30 years in various executive and operations positions.

For more information about becoming an Agent with XSCapacity, please go to http://www.XSTeamBuilders.com.

K. C. Byers
Vice President of Field Development
XSCapacity, Inc.

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