Sharp Increase in Cosmetic Procedures Worldwide Due to Societal Trends and Surgical Advances Says Montreal Plastic Surgeon

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The rising demand for aesthetic surgery and office procedures is ever present in Montreal. The increase in overall demand and procedures performed parallels worldwide trends. New advances in techniques allowing for more minimally invasive surgery and faster recovery are becoming available in Montreal.

The demand for cosmetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic office procedures is rising sharply worldwide. Some figures quote an increase of 3300% over 3 years for such procedures as Botox® injections.

Surgery is also on the rise, with men occupying an increasing share of the market. The decrease in the stigma of plastic surgery in recent decades has created more openness to the point where patients who kept their surgery a secret in the past now wear it as a badge of honour. Discussions among friends about who had which procedure and who should have another are now commonplace, particularly among women.

Advances in medicine benefit aesthetic patients
Advances in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery have contributed a great deal toward facilitating access and comfort among patients contemplating a procedure. Less invasive office procedures, such as Botox and skin filler injections have provided a new tool in the hands of physicians to hide wrinkles and rejuvenate faces. Aesthetic surgical procedures have become easier to tolerate and the recovery process more tolerable.

Minimally invasive techniques are the trend
The latest advances in the field emphasize "minimally invasive" surgical techniques that provide a natural appearance that avoids the "operated" look, while allowing for minimal discomfort and a very short recovery period.

Quick recovery period attracting more patients
Dr. Mark Samaha, a facial plastic surgeon in Montreal ( who runs an aesthetic surgery clinic says his patients are increasingly interested in as little "down time" as possible, referring to the postoperative recovery. Samaha has trained in the latest minimally invasive techniques and reports that most of his patients are back to their usual activities less than a week following surgery. These techniques, pioneered in the U.S. and Europe, allow for surgery to be performed with the maximum finesse and the least invasiveness possible.

"It is a combination of the pre-operative preparation, the surgical approach, or technique, the method of anesthesia, the environment created in the operating room for the patient, and the post-operative care," says Samaha. "It is essential that each of these components be carried out meticulously to the last detail for the patient to have as safe, comfortable and pleasant an experience as possible and to obtain the best possible surgical results."

Samaha says that his patients report an experience similar to that which they have at the dentist, but with less discomfort, as they are more sedated and unaware. He reports that over 95% of his patients use little to none of the pain medication he prescribes after surgery because of the absence of post-operative discomfort. Bruising is also minimal.

"This is mainly related to the minimally invasive surgical technique employed," he continues. "With less surgical manipulation to accomplish the refinements needed, there is less discomfort, less bruising, and less healing required. As a result, the bruising is minimal and the recovery period is shortened with patients able to return to daily activities and special occasions more easily and quickly than before.

Ms. D.S., a 27 year-old customer service agent says she was referred to Samaha by two of her friends who had had surgery, one for a nasal reshaping and the other for eyelid bags. "I was surprised when my friend told me there was little bruising, no packing in the nose, and no pain after her nose surgery." She went through a nasal procedure and, when asked if she would do it again, she answers: "if I knew it was like this, I would have done it a long time ago." What about the result? "I love it." she says, "It does not look operated. People are commenting that I look better, but they cannot tell why. Some are asking me if I changed my hair or my make-up. It looks very natural."

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