Baby Bottom Alert: Ubi Turns The Table on the Changing Table Industry

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Revolutionary new diaper changing table makes diaper duty safer and easier.

As the first modern changing table to feature a built-in spring-loaded diaper dispenser and special fastener straps to secure the diaper to the table, Ubi, from Ubi LLC (, is an instant industry hit. Specially designed by Sue Wong, founder of Ubi LLC and a mechanical engineer and mother of two, Ubi provides a safe and efficient upgrade to an essential child care product.

Its unique construction makes the entire diaper changing process easier, which parents respond to immediately, according to Sue Wong, "People are excited when they see it in action and how easy diaper changing is with the Ubi. At this year's ABC Kids Expo, we got terrific reactions from the press, fellow exhibitors, and retailers, particularly the independents and boutiques who always like to offer customers something very unique and functional."

There are currently two models, the Basic Ubi and the Deluxe Ubi. Stylishly designed in a variety of retro mod prints featuring hypoallergenic upholstery with an anti-microbial surface, both are meant to be used on the floor, eliminating any injuries if over active infants squirm off of it. Also, the need to hoist hefty toddlers up on top of furniture with changing tables is no longer necessary. Fastener strips secure the new diaper to the Ubi, so babies can easily be placed, cleaned and outfitted with a fresh diaper without the need of a second pair of hands. The Ubi's most unique feature, however, is the special built-in diaper dispenser found in the Deluxe Ubi. With a storage capacity of 8-10 diapers, the Deluxe Ubi pops a new diaper into position once the current diaper is completed.
Sue Wong shares some praise received at ABC Kids Expo:
"The Ubi is billed as a modern changing table, but it's more than that. It's really a design innovation that will set parents free from the concept of a changing table" - Spilling the Beans (web blog from Magic Beans retailer based in Massachusetts)

"I love a new product that makes life for parents easier and the deed of changing diapers has always been one that could use a little improving! Combine ease of diaper changing with modern design, baby safety and some great patterns (including mod dots), and we have a winner! The Ubi changing table was designed with a built in spring-loader to hold a stack of diapers ready and in position for changing." - Mally Bibs

The Ubi changing table comes in two models, the Basic Ubi selling for the low price of $89 and the Deluxe Ubi for $119. Both are available in specialty retail stores throughout the U.S. and select online outlets. For a complete list and more information, visit or call 602-750-3210.


  • Streamlines the entire diaper changing process
  • Features a built-in diaper dispenser on the Deluxe Ubi model
  • Fastener strips hold diapers in place on the table
  • Designed for use on any floor
  • Available in a variety of stylish "retro-mod" prints
  • Upholstery is hypoallergenic and microbial
  • Remarkable low price of only $89 for the Basic Ubi and $119 for the Deluxe Ubi

About Ubi LLC. Tempe, Arizona. Ubi LLC was started in 2006 by Sue Wong, a mechanical engineer, who has worked in both the aerospace and telecommunication industries. Today she is utilizing her unique skills to design baby products that make a difference. The flag ship product, the Ubi changing table, is helping parents to more easily and safely perform an essential child care function. Future products are planned to continue that mission.


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