Californians Offered Air Purifier Relief from Wildfire Smoke

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Raging wildfires have destroyed homes, land, and lives while at the same time polluting the air with a caustic mix of ash and smoke across California. This polluted air can vary in intensity from being a mild annoyance to an intolerable and dangerous condition for those in the vicinity of the spreading flames. Sylvane is offering a 20% discount off select air purifiers to any Californians affected by the fire and looking for relief from the odor, soot, and smoke.

One of the worst wildfire outbreaks to hit California since the 1991 Oakland Hills fire, the current rash of fires is destroying homes, lives, and land in the region. Although thousands of people have been displaced, even more people are choking and coughing on the toxic smoke billowing from the burning brush. Sylvane is temporarily offering a 20% discount off select air purifiers to help people cope with the air pollution.

The wildfires are sending a mix of volatile organic chemicals, carbon monoxide, and soot sailing into the air. Much of the particulate matter in the polluted air is finer than normal dust and hence is easily inhaled deep into the lungs, where it can become problematic. The denser the smoke condition in a region, the more danger the smoke poses to those exposed.

Children, the elderly, and especially those with a history of respiratory or heart conditions should avoid outdoor activity in affected areas. Even those not in this group should avoid any significant outdoor exertion which would cause them to breathe harder. Those who are affected by the smoke even when indoors should consider leaving the polluted area altogether.

When in their homes people should keep all doors and windows closed and seal any open gaps if possible. If air conditioning is needed, air conditioners should be set to re-circulate the air inside the home instead of drawing in air from the outside. In addition people should avoid sources of indoor pollutants such as cigarette smoking, frying food, and using paints, adhesives, and solvents.

Lastly people should consider setting up a "clean room" where they can put a high quality air cleaner to help them keep their air as clean as possible. Sylvane offers one of the widest selections of high-end air purification equipment in the marketplace. The company is currently offering 20% off select filters to California residents affected by the wildfires.

Customers interested in one of these solutions or a consultation on their air quality issues should contact one of Sylvane's product experts. Through a detailed discussion customers can take an immediate step in the right direction of improving the air that they breathe.

Sylvane, Inc. focuses on solutions for a healthy indoor environment for both the commercial and residential markets. A pioneer in the field of air quality and comfort, Sylvane provides detailed product information, product comparisons, and personalized consultation on indoor environment issues.


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