Launch of the Lorry Afterlife

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A company which offers lorry drivers the opportunity to carry each other's cargo has created its very own online lorry heaven. The groundbreaking new website enables Haulage Exchange's members to sell off used lorries as well as advertising and exchanging goods and services. is Haulage Exchange's new site, offering free listings for haulage-related goods and training as well as lorry driver recruitment - ideal for those looking for or offering vehicles, lorry parts, industry training or lorry driver jobs.

Where do lorries go when they die? If there is a lorry heaven then perhaps it resides in freight exchange company Haulage Exchange's new web concept - a great big lorry parts Ebay in the sky. But Haulage Exchange's new site is not only for dead lorries - live vans and lorries can also be purchased - and sold - along with phones, PDAs, Sat Navs and opportunities for training and recruitment in the haulage sector. In fact, Transport Classifieds could be classified as a shopping paradise for those in the transport sector. Most importantly, use of the site is absolutely free.

Haulage Exchange, a company whose main purpose is to allow lorry drivers to use its freight exchange to buy and sell road transport services (including backloads, return loads and freight forwarding), developed the website for its haulage members. The benefit is that members will no longer have to engage with one another on various forums. Instead they can come together and exchange haulage services and haulage products on one combined website.

Haulage Exchange managing director Lyall Cresswell was involved in putting together the new site and thinks it will help those in the transport industry to pool their resources. 'We had members coming to us and asking if we knew where to go for cheap lorry parts, second-hand lorries or lorry driver jobs,' he said. 'We noticed that other members were often looking for people to buy their spare lorry parts or for people to hire. It was a matter of thinking - "we could put these two together".' For Cresswell and his team, the obvious answer was a free listings website. 'That way all of our members could benefit from free online listings without the hassle of trawling through loads of different forums,' he added.

So what will this mean for the transport industry? 'More power to the little guy,' says Cresswell. 'Small haulage companies and individual owner operators need to maximise profits and by buying second-hand, direct from other small companies, they can save on expenses. The same people will be able to cut back on losses when they need to dispose of their equipment. They can advertise used goods online for free, in a place they know other companies and owner operators will be searching for the right types of goods.'

Cresswell stresses how important it is for those in the transport industry to come together. 'When you're dealing with such large objects and specific goods it is invaluable to be in touch with a community of people in the same business. It's the community feeling that we aim to foster within the transport industry, and we have found that it benefits everyone.'

Perhaps Haulage Exchange's new site will also be good for the environment - saving lorries from the eternal damnation of the scrap heap. Lorry heaven means used lorries can be reincarnated - parts re-used and lorries living another day in another haulage company. As well as the people involved in the transport industry being able to find work with like-minded people and training from experts within the industry.

About Haulage Exchange:

With offices in London and Nottingham, Haulage Exchange ( is one of the UK's leading independent freight exchanges for the 7.5 Tonne market and beyond. Its sister site, Courier Exchange, is the UK's biggest exchange for express and same day movements and is now in its sixth year of trading.

Membership of the exchange is limited to accredited transport professionals, and offers them the chance to buy and sell domestic and international road transport industry services such as full loads, backloads, return loads, freight forwarding, and road haulage.

For more information, please contact Lyall Cresswell:

Haulage Exchange
Cumberland House
80 Scrubs Lane
NW10 6RF

020 8968 4105


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