Zen Stick Meditation Tool Makes Waves at Yoga Journal Estes Park Conference

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Meditation expert Laurie Desjardins introduced her meditation tool, the Zen Stick, to the Yoga Journal Estes Park Conference to unanimous acclaim.

Attendees at the Yoga Journal Estes Park Conference experienced a new evolution in meditation tools. Meditation expert Laurie Desjardins introduced her meditation tool, the Zen Stick, to the yoga conference to unanimous acclaim.

"It was a wonderful experience to bring the Zen Stick to the Yoga Journal Estes Park Conference," Desjardins said. "Many of the people here have quite a background in meditation and relaxation, and it's always a good feeling to have your peers enjoy your product."

Conference attendees got a chance to try out the Zen Sticks, tossing and catching them with their eyes closed. Once they started, attendees added their own variations to the typical toss: breathing exercises, chants, and switching hands while tossing. Reactions ranged from surprised exclamations of amazement to calm, serene smiles.

"Because you're flipping the stick with your eyes closed, it demands your complete focus," Desjardins said. "That's how it aligns your mind and body so quickly. You have to shut out everything else and just focus on the Zen Stick."

Zen Sticks differ from typical meditation tools in that they involve more of the senses. Incense, candles, bowls, bells and chimes affect two or three senses, whereas Zen Sticks affect four of the five senses.

"We're bombarded by so much in our daily lives," said Desjardins. "When we're trying to relax, we need something that will grab our attention away from the millions of other things going on around us. Because it affects more of the five senses, Zen Sticks do a better job that than other meditation tools."

Zen Sticks also help to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultures. Eastern meditation is good, but many Americans have trouble with it because the cultures are so different.

"It's by virtue of our culture that we need the grounding and peace meditation can bring," said Desjardins. "Zen Sticks bridge the gap created by our cultural differences by bringing the practitioner to the threshold of meditation using a tangible, sensory object. It's really the best of both worlds."

For more information about Zen Sticks, visit http://sleepingtiger.org.

About Sleeping Tiger, LLC

Sleeping Tiger, LLC created and produces Zen Sticks™, a meditation tool. Sleeping Tiger is dedicated helping people find peace and tranquility in their personal environment. They also strive to protect the world's natural resources. A portion of all proceeds earned by Sleeping Tiger, LLC go to My Brothers' Keeper, an organization that provides habitats and healing for wild animals that are abused or abandoned.

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