Fightersoft Multimedia Incorporates New Code of Ethics

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Fightersoft invented and holds new software patents for mobile phones. This unique software can be used with virtually every mobile telephone ever made, not just SIM dependable. This new technology enables users to SMS and MMS on their mobile phones virtually free of charge.With Fightersoft's mobile messaging and MMS delivery application anyone can upload and use the software no matter what mobile network provider the mobile subscriber is using.

Fightersoft also invented and owns the patent rights for a new mobile tracking system that will allow any mobile phone subscriber to track their friends or business associates - not GPS dependable. Tracking friends or children is simple - all you do is enter a name and click the buddy icon. The tracker system immediately identifies the targeted mobile phone and tells you where the person has been as much as 500 locations, with time and date and where they are located at present.

Mobile phone users will enjoy the simplicity and ease of the software, with an expectant growth in Fightersoft's data base. One of the reasons for the potential growth is that the users will not have to pay to send SMS or MMS messages, or to locate their family and friends. Revenue is expected to be generated through advertising products to Fightersoft's data base.

Other Fightersoft projects involve a revolutionary streaming server and a solution that reinvents the WebTV, making it available for everyone, no matter the location or internet connection. The purpose of the software is to bring all the multimedia that is available on one's computer, home cinema entertainment system or even the surveillance cameras onto a mobile phone at anytime by using simply the GPRS internet connection from a smart device.

Digicurve shareholders voted to change the name of the company to Fightersoft. The new name will be officially changed by next week. With this new name change Fightersoft Multimedia Corporation also incorporated a code of ethics and has made it part of the Fightersoft company rules and regulations.


1. Conduct Business in Accordance with High Ethical Standards – The Fightersoft Company aspires to conduct its business in accordance with uncompromising ethical standards. Adherence to such standards should never be traded in favor of financial or other business objectives. High ethical standards are necessary to maintain competitive advantage, the pride and confidence of our employees, and the ability to provide quality services to our clients. If an employee is involved in proposals, bid preparation or contract negotiations, he or she must be certain that all statements, communications, certifications and representations to prospective clients are accurate and truthful. Employees must never make a false statement or submit a false claim.

2. Deal honestly and Fairly with Clients, Suppliers, Vendors, Contractors and Financial Partners – The long-term success of the company depends upon establishing mutually beneficial relationships. While the law requires that we fulfill obligations written into contracts and agreements, we will also be fair, ethical and consistent in all business dealings.

3. Conduct Marketing and Advertising Activities Fairly, Honestly and Accurately – The company may use marketing and advertising activities to educate investors and the public, provide information to proposed clients, increase awareness of our services and business offerings, and recruit new employees. The company is committed to representing its services and offerings fairly, honestly and accurately. Advertising, marketing and promotional materials cannot contain unfair, inaccurate or deceptive statements or grossly exaggerated or unwarranted representations.

4. Protect Company Proprietary Information – Every employee must protect company proprietary information against improper use and access. Confidential or proprietary information must not be revealed outside the context of official duties.

5. Protect Company Records – Documents and other records must be retained in accordance with the requirements of the law, governing contracts and company policies. Fightersoft corporate records and documents shall not be removed from company premises or used for personal gain or benefit.

6. OBEYING THE LAW - Duty to Obey All Applicable Laws – Fightersoft and its employees must obey all applicable and relevant laws that affect the business. Such laws include, without limitation, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and others, including but not limited to those that apply to procurement integrity, securities, fraudulent conduct, workplace behavior, anti-trust, civil rights and anti-discrimination, copyright protection, campaign finance and taxation. While the company does not expect its employees to be experts in legal matters, it holds each employee responsible for being familiar with the laws governing his or her areas of responsibility and to be generally aware of possible legal issues and exposures or threatened litigation.

7. Obtain All Necessary Licenses, Permits, Certifications and Credentials – The company will obtain and maintain required operating and business licenses and permits, as well as all applicable certifications and accreditations. Employees, vendors and contractors must obtain and maintain all appropriate licensure or certifications required for their job responsibilities or contracts.

8. FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - Report Financial Condition and Results of Operations Fairly and Honestly – Company books and records must be kept in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, government regulatory requirements, and established finance and accounting policies. All reports submitted to government authorities and to public stockholders must be made accurately, timely and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. All employees must cooperate fully with internal and external auditors during their examinations of company books, records and operations.

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For further information about the fightersoft public company our trading symbol is dcuv.ob


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