An onslaught of (Chaotic) Deceiving Spirits Transforming and Ensnaring Masses into Witchcraft

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Pat Holliday, Ph.D. is releasing a new book, "Cosmic Consciousness." This book concerns the how the unfaithful part of the Christian Church is using bewitchment and psychological powers to ensnare people into witchcraft. She says, "New Age spiritual transformation is building its avenue into many Christian Churches to shift its spiritual consciousness. She says, "The word transformation, means a shift, or a qualitative change, a transfer from the original spiritual tenets to a switch over to a new religious belief system.

Dr. Holliday has released a new book, "Cosmic Consciousness," She says, "This book reveals the great explosion of the falling away in the Church system today. People are docilely being seduced by the latest Christian stars and spiritual fads. Many churches today are full of silent, gentlemanly diplomats, not wanting to make waves! Nobody wants trouble and so they go unchallenged and the church has more than enough of smiling, silent mousy Christian leaders.!"

"Cosmic Consciousness" is a book that challenges the Christian church to awaken from its spiritual slumber. Dr. Holliday believes that "Today there is a special onslaught of (Chaotic) deceiving spirits has been unleashed, the fulfilment of the prophecy expressed through the Apostle Paul, that this would take place in the "later times." She asks, "Will the masses of distracted and undiscerning Christians become so spiritually cold, blinded and oblivious that Satan will get away with his plan, achieving his greatest project to accomplish the task of blending "Christianity" with witchcraft'?"

Dr. Holliday believes that some in the Church have been employing religious mystics, philosophers, writers, and artists who have left the foundations of the Word of God. This is occurring with increased frequency and perceived as an evolutionary trend. They affirm strongly that one day a "cosmic consciousness," would be as common in the human race as self consciousness currently is. They establish this belief on a notion on the evolution of humans who will take a quantum leap into their god hood. Change agents are shifting the church by using powers of witchcraft through the mediums of astrology, reincarnation, higher planes of being, expanded consciousness, we all are God, pantheism, UFOs.

Dr. Holliday's book, "Cosmic Consciousness" shows the surprising secrets of the change agents and mind handlers who are moving the Church away from traditional Christianity into a global faith that is based in witchcraft. Read excerpts at the agape publishers website right now and purchase it on line. Remember this is not fiction but a true drama in the Christian Churches. "Cosmic Consciousness," is real and it is on the rise and it is widespread and happening now!"

Dr. Pat Holliday was called into the Christian ministry in 1975. She received her Ph.D. at Southeastern Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, Fl. She is the president and founder of Miracle Outreach Ministry and has evangelized worldwide. She is a television and radio personality, hosting her own programs and also has made guest appearances on many international programs. She is in many Who's Who which includes Marquis' Who's Who in the World. Who's Who in Religion, Who's Who in America. She has been in the ministry for 30 years.

The author, Pat Holliday, Ph.D. can also be reached at Miracle Outreach Ministries
P. O. Box 56527, Jacksonville, FL 32241, (904) 733-8318


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