The Best Bee Story Ever Told

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The buzz is all about Jerry Seinfeld's and DreamWork's Bee Movie. But a new book tells the secret of how to charm bees in real life.

The buzz is all about Jerry Seinfeld's and DreamWork's Bee Movie. But a new book tells the secret of how to charm bees in real life.

Angel Animals: Divine Messengers of Miracles by Allen and Linda Anderson (New World Library, November 2007) contains "Guardian Angel Bees" from Kirkland, Washington resident, Jannette M. Warren. She recounts the spiritual awareness she gained in her attempt to gather healing water from a thousand-year-old sacred Native American area in Oregon.

Marty Becker, DVM, Good Morning America's resident veterinarian wrote the foreword for Angel Animals. Willard Scott of The Today Show provides an endorsement. This breakthrough anthology with ninety true stories about dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, bears, koalas, raccoons, dolphins, lizards, elephants, deer, insects, and all kinds of pets and animals in nature was first published in 1999. New World Library has reissued the revised and updated classic in an artistic gift book format. It is available in bookstores nationwide, at, and at

With pets in two out of three American homes, Angel Animals speaks to a wide range of "pet parents" who consider animals to be family members. Contributors to the Angel Animals's anthology share miraculous experiences with animals as wisdom partners, giving the book its groundbreaking, universal and spiritual appeal.

Allen and Linda Anderson are award-winning authors and inspirational speakers with the popular Angel Animals series and the Angel Animals Story of the Week. The Andersons's 2006 book, Rescued, won the American Society of Journalists and Authors' Outstanding Book Award.

Allen Anderson says, "Angel Animals became a pioneering classic in the field of animal spirituality. These compelling, true stories provide anecdotal evidence that animals have a spiritual nature and interact with humans in ways that we are all only beginning to understand and appreciate."

After its initial publication, Angel Animals garnered international attention. The book rose to bestseller status as an Hot 100 book. and other national magazines and newspapers excerpted stories from it. Shirley MacLaine lauded Angel Animals on her radio show. ABC Nightly News featured Angel Animals in a special report about whether animals go to heaven. Associated Press, Gannett, and Knight Ridder wire services wrote articles about the book and its authors that ran in newspapers all over the world.

Celebrated author of the Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul series, Arielle Ford, contributed a story to Angel Animals about her spiritual encounter with dolphins. Renowned author, Doreen Virtue, told of her experience with a sea lion who proved the power of prayer.

A sampling of the book's story titles gives a taste of its scope:

"'Throwaway' Kids and 'Throwaway' Animals Found Each Other"
"The Dolphins Saved My Life"
"My Work with the Search and Rescue Man"
"A Needy Cat Offered Me a Reason to Live"
"The Family of Miracle Workers"
"The Raccoons Adopted Me"
"A Parrot Taught Me Her Song"
"Lizard Love"
"The Deer Helped Me Win a College Scholarship"
"A Baby Seal Helped Me See Our Divine Connection"
"My Dog Taught Me How to Age Gracefully"
"A Guinea Pig Gave Me Precious Time with My Dying Father"
"A Rabbit's Cure for Migraine Headaches"
"A Conversation with a Brokenhearted Horse"
"Guardian Angel Bees"
"Deer at the Window"
"The Quail Offered Hospice"
"The Heavenly Meow"
"Angels Returning in Disguise"

Endorsements for Angel Animals include the following:

"A warm fuzzy for those who have experienced a close human-animal bond."
--Library Journal

"Angel Animals says it all on our love and need for animals in our lives."
--Roger Caras, president emeritus of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

"These stories show the beautiful and undeniable spiritual connection between people and animals."
--Kristin Von Kreisler, author of The Compassion of Animals

"Reading this gentle book is like slipping through a secret door into a magical world where all creatures are loved for their unique gifts. A beautiful book."
--Christine Davis, author of For Every Dog an Angel and For Every Cat an Angel

"Allen and Linda Anderson have been collecting anecdotes about the spiritual relations between people and animals. Now they bring these testimonials together."
--Publishers Weekly

The Andersons recite a litany of themes their books transcend. "Enough about animal behavior," they say. "Enough about training animals. Enough about scary and distorted stories with animals and pets who make their humans' lives tortuous. Let's bring more love into the world and read about animals as they really are. About animals as St. Francis of Assisi spoke of them -- our spiritual brothers and sisters."

ANGEL ANIMALS by Allen and Linda Anderson     New World Library
November 2007     Animals/Spirituality     Trade Paper     308 Pages
Price: $14.95     ISBN 10: 1-57731-610-X, 13: 978-1-57731-610-7


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