is First to Release New Line of Flexible Kevlar® Knee and Elbow Armored Inserts for Military ACU Uniforms

Share Article ( announced the release of 3 new Kevlar® Armored Knee and Elbow Inserts for ACU Military Uniforms. Designed to slide into existing pockets in ACU, TRU and 5.11® uniforms, the flexible inserts are invisible from the outside, but provide puncture, cut and abrasion resistance for military, law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, tactical units and security personnel.

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RSS ( announced the release of 3 new Kevlar® Armored Knee and Elbow Inserts for ACU (Army Combat Uniform), TRU (Tactical Response Unit) and 5.11® uniforms.    Designed to slide into the existing inner knee and elbow pockets these are the first flexible inserts available to provide puncture, cut and abrasion resistance. They are designed to work with or without the foam inserts issued by the military which provide negligible protection.

Developed primarily for the military, knee and elbow injuries are common in battlefield environments where broken glass, razor wire, metal and concrete shards, wooden slivers, hot surfaces and flying fragments are all prevalent. However, the inserts work equally well for emergency medical services, first responders and police where rescue operations often force personnel to kneel in blood and other body fluids amongst broken glass and sharp metal edges. By providing an additional level of protection from blood-borne diseases such as AIDs the inserts allow rescue personnel to work with a higher level of safety.

Designed to fit existing pockets of ACU (Army Combat Uniform) military uniforms, most TRUs (Tactical Response Units) and 5.11 trousers, the pads are flexible, light-weight and invisible from the exterior. With an integrated pocket, the pads can be used with or without the military issue foam pads and most third-party pads. For additional protection, multiple inserts can be stacked, or hard pads can be worn over them.

Unlike strap-on hard-pads, the inserts will not slide out of position during movement. As there are no straps, there is no constriction around the arm or leg which typically leads to skin rashes and sores with extended use. Additionally, the sleeves and trouser legs are not constricted so that air circulates freely, keeping the user cool.

The high thermal insulating properties of Kevlar allow users to kneel or lean on extremely hot surfaces without burning, and the inserts stay flexible in extremes of heat or cold. They are not affected by water and are resistant to most chemicals. The flexible nature provides unrestricted movement and the extreme light weight (2-4 oz each, depending on the model) has no impact on physical performance.

As the inserts are inside the uniform, they do not degrade the special IR profile and can be worn inconspicuously in covert or high-visibility situations.

Real-world performance is impressive. In puncture resistant tests, the inserts consistently bent nails driven by an industrial nail gun in contact with the inserts. The inserts demonstrate up to 80x better abrasion protection than standard ACUs and up to 160x better cut protection. While they are not designed for ballistic protection, they do provide a high level of fragmentation resistance, preventing penetration by nails fired at them at point-blank range with a pneumatic nail gun.

All models feature a Spectra-Grid fabric on the front. The Spectra® fiber is 10x stronger than steel and is woven into a rip-stop pattern which has a smooth, low friction finish, so it slides easily against the uniform fabric, reducing wear. Each model has layers of highly cut/ballistic resistant Kevlar® and layers of the latest puncture resistant Kevlar® designed for stab resistance in correctional institutions. The back and pocket are out of a heavy ballistic nylon and the product is assembled with heavy moisture-proof, UV-proof thread. All seams are double stitched and stress areas are bar-tacked, ensuring long life in harsh conditions.

Available in 3 models, the acuArmor inserts are manufactured in the United States under strict quality controls.

The flagship product is the EXTREME model, which features 7 Kevlar® layers in total; 3 cut resistant and 4 puncture resistant. The EXTREME model is the suggested model for knee protection.

The STANDARD model has a total of 5 Kevlar® layers, 2 cut resistant and 3 puncture resistant. The STANDARD model is the recommended model for elbow protection.

The LITE model has a total of 3 Kevlar® layers; 1 cut resistant and 2 puncture resistant. The LITE model is recommended for elbow protection in low-threat situations.

Combination packages for elbows and knees are available at a discount, and single replacement inserts are also available.

Compared to the cost of a single knee or elbow surgery, inserts are an inexpensive investment and should be required issue for any military or tactical organization.

Currently available on and at, the inserts make a perfect gift for a loved one overseas or for any organization concerned about keeping their personnel mission capable.

Reseller and distributor inquiries welcome. - Protecting Those Who Protect. is division of LapLogic, Inc. Multiple patents pending.® is a Trademark of Kevlar® is a Trademark of DuPont. Spectra® is a Trademark of AlliedSignal. 5.11® is a Trademark of 5.11

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