New Book Explains Why Mexican Illegals Bring Culture of Violence into U.S.

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Author Boye Lafayette De Mente says Mexico's traditional macho culture responsible for growing violence in American cities.

In his new book, "Why Mexicans Think & Behave the Way They Do," author Boyé Lafayette De Mente explains the origins of the culture of violence that Mexican illegals are bringing into the United States.

Known for his books on the cultures of China, Japan, Korea and Mexico, De Mente says that this violence is related to the traditional macho mindset of Mexican males which evolved from the official policy of the Spanish conquistadors -- who arrived in Mexico in 1521 -- to impregnate as many Indian women as possible in order to create a new race of Mestizos, or mixed-bloods.

"Over the next hundred years the conquistadors and their successors from Spain succeeded in their goal of producing a new breed of people," De Mente continues, "but after the first generation of Spanish conquerors passed away the racism and cultural arrogance of the newcomers from Spain resulted in them despising and discriminating against the Spanish-Indian mixtures, filling them with a deep-seated rage that men characteristically expressed in sudden outbreaks of extreme violence.

"This discrimination against mixed-bloods in Mexico continued for more than 400 years, finally beginning to subside in the mid-1900s, but it has not yet disappeared from the culture, and machismo attitudes and behavior remain a highly visible trait of young Mexican men, especially among the poor," he adds.

De Mente says that many machismo-driven Mexican men still feel compelled to strike out at anyone who disrespects them or refuses to let them have their way -- and that this compulsive feeling is magnified when they drink.

"It is vital that American law enforcement agencies and others be aware of this cultural element in the surge of violence now plaguing the U.S., and the longer the government fails to stop the flow of poor illegal aliens from Mexico, the more serious the problem of violence will become," he says.

De Mente's book, "Why Mexicans Think & Behave the Way They Do," is available from, other online booksellers, and leading bookstore chains.


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