Ideas That Can Change Your Life's Online Library Makes World Better Place, Promotes Global Literacy

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Could 101 books change the planet? Three of today's greatest minds believe it's absolutely possible.

Building on the Internet's rapid evolution during the last decade and the media reaching nearly every community around the world today, three high profile entrepreneurs are out to reinvent the way people achieve success and at the same time help a billion people learn to read.

Ideas That Can Change Your Life, the creation of mega-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul author Mark Victor Hansen, Franklin Covey co-founder Roice Krueger and global financial wiz James Skinner debuts on December 1st. Driven by 101 compact books written by the three co-authors in under 100 days, Ideas That Can Change Your Life reveals great knowledge to the world - including insights into wealth, health, love, happiness and relationships. At the core of this new global resource is the intention to distribute over one billion books and end illiteracy…including business, investment, relationship, and spiritual illiteracy!

"It's my own heart's desire to help everyone achieve their best…it's practically all I talk about these days, "says Mark Victor Hansen. "Our ideas have already helped countless millions of people become their very best. Our clients trust us with their time, their money, and their futures. We deliver--and they continue to beat a path to our doors when they need help!"

These three pioneering businessmen, who have each helped millions of people succeed during their careers, grew wildly excited about providing an entirely new type of center for life wisdom when they first met in Singapore on May 20, 2007. The technology of the Internet and their existing network of friends and business partners around the world is the platform for this new frontier they are developing.

"I believe that we have created a wisdom exchange center," adds Roice Krueger. "We can now easily pass the wisdom and principles learned by one person to millions of others. The wisdom contained in our on demand library will help many people on a variety of levels."

In just 97 days, Mark Victor Hansen, Roice Krueger and James Skinner co-authored 101 books for the collection….three days ahead of their audacious, original goal. Every book is easy to read and designed for readers to learn all of the secrets offered on each topic in 15 minutes or less. The average length is 40 pages, which is ideal for today's fast paced, real time world.

Some of the 101 titles include: Chronic Profitability, How to Make Friends With Anyone, The 9 Laws of the Power of Thought, The 10-Minute Bible, Wealth the Most Unselfish Process, The Successful Family, The Leader in You, Taming the E-Mail Tiger, Starting Poor--Getting Rich, and Instant Learning. Each book gets right to the heart of the matter. The books are written in a way that allows readers to apply the tools immediately in the specific area they'd like to impact.

As the project evolved, the authors learned that today more than one billion people globally are unable to read. Talking with various experts, it became clear that pride of ownership--the ability to own even one book--is a significant factor in overcoming this problem. So the authors decided to do the impossible again--they committed to offer the entire series of 101 books for each purchaser and nine of their friends for just $1.00.

"When asked 'have you lost your minds?' We simply reply, 'No, we're giving them away!'" jokes James Skinner. "I love that people everywhere can lift themselves up and realize their dreams by reading this easily accessible and inexpensive content online. Everything people want to know about having more success, better relationships, more effective and happy lives is all right there. We believe that Ideas That Can Change Your Life will make a massive impact in the world…and that now is just the right time!"

In addition to the 101 books, fans of Ideas That Can Change Your Life may also choose a monthly subscription to Promises, a service that provides more of these related materials to members each month. This additional service is designed to help people achieve breakthroughs in all aspects of their life via teleconference seminars and other web resources.

Months of planning and research now behind them, their first meeting in Singapore proved to be the birth of Ideas That Can Change Your Life, which the founders believe will become the best selling book series in history. Before the central website was even launched, the authors had pre sold two million books, further evidence of the mass appeal of this approach to sharing knowledge and information. Translation has already started into the Japanese language, and discussions are underway for five additional languages, with many more to follow.

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About Ideas That Can Change Your Life
The brainchild of mega-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul author Mark Victor Hansen, Franklin Covey co-founder Roice Krueger and global financial wiz James Skinner, Ideas Can Change Your Life is an online wisdom exchange center that delivers life changing information to people around the world. The 101 books written by the co-authors and other information offered online is devoted to providing the thoughts, ideas and tools for readers everywhere to become more than anyone had thought possible, both personally and professionally. Ideas That Can Change Your Life is also devoted to helping the one billion non-readers in the world become literate.

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