The Woman Who Wants 1,000,000 Pay Rises

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One Woman Is On A Mission To Help One Million Underpaid People Earn More Money At The Same Job. A New Online Training Solution Tutors Employees In The Skills Needed To Successfully Conduct Salary Negotiations That Result In A Pay Raise.

When salaries and wages fall, everyone suffers, because the national standard of living falls. But political parties and even unions are so focused on changing policies and legislation they have neglected where real change happens. Helping ordinary workers discover how to get more money in their own pay packet is the best way to improve national standards of living.

After noticing that in every occupation there are some who earn the big dollars and others who barely get by, Accountant and Pay Rise Coach Sharon Hague made it her mission to find one million underpaid workers and help them earn more money at the same job. Hague believes that better pay isn't a magical mystery tour, it's negotiation and persuasion. Launching the new service this week Hague said "Getting a pay rise now is the smartest thing any employee can do to improve their financial future. The problem is no-one has taught us how to do it successfully. Schools don't teach you and your boss is very unlikely to help you improve your skills in this area".

Obviously, individuals celebrate having more cash to spend immediately. However, getting a pay rise has indirect benefits as more money flows through businesses in the whole community, from the grocery store to the dentist. Even the worker benefits in ways that may have not occured to them initially.

Compound Benefits
A pay rise isn't limited to the immediate advantage of more take home money. The new pay rate will compound every hour until retirement. Even an increase of $1 an hour can turn into an extra $1,000,000.00 when invested over a working life.

Automatic Increases
Also, when wages and salary improve, employees will get another 9% from their employer to fund retirement savings (superannuation account). And any accrued entitlements, like holiday pay and long service leave are also increased to the new rate too.

More Power
Because borrowing power is proportional to income, banks and lenders will usually allow more borrowings as pay increases. That means purchasing power can improve dramatically, which is a great hedge against inflation, rising interest rates and ultimately, raises national standards of living. So it's good for the whole country too. has stepped into the gap to educate workers, instantly and simply. Regional and remote workers won't miss out because the education solution is designed for total online delivery.

Hague invites anyone who is underpaid to take a look at and help her achieve her goal of one million pay rises by 2010. The online package is available for less than the cost of a celebration dinner and includes:

  •     video school; shows step-by-step tips
  •     custom software; calculates exact financial benefits
  •     written scripts; shows word-for-word what to say
  •     web tools; a directory of free online resources

If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Sharon Hague, please call or email using the included contact details.


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