Newly-Patented 'Dozer Design Decimates Windshield Ice

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The ergonomically safe IceDozer® combines the power design of heavy machinery, the principles of tenderizing and the technology of bendable plastic to scrape away the toughest ice from any car windshield, helping to make winter driving safer.

Safe winter driving practices demand that drivers have complete visibility. That means scraping ice, which, according to at least one consumer study, is almost unanimously hated by drivers. The IceDozer®, a unique, powerful and ergonomically safe ice scraper, combines the design principles of heavy machinery and a flexible blade to make scrapping thin or thick ice from your automobile a quick and simple task instead of a hated chore. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has recently issued Utility Patent #7249393 in recognition of the high-tech design of the IceDozer. The IceDozer is also protected under Design Patent #D460589.

The IceDozer advances scraper technology with its FlexiBlade™, which bends to the curvature of a windshield, clearing a much wider swath of visibility with each pass. It's soft enough that it won't scratch glass, but due to its design, it can tackle even the thickest ice. A front "snowplow" pushes snow and ice away from the hands.

"We set out to find the Achilles Heel of ice, and then to build an ice scraper that could take advantage of that vulnerability to make scraping ice easier, and winter driving safer," said Marvin Weinberger, Inventor-in-Chief of the Innovation Factory, LLC (which manufactures and distributes the IceDozer). "We found that brittleness is ice's weak point. Even really thick ice has fault lines. The IceDozer exploits them.

The IceDozer is designed with three attack surfaces to scrape away the three different "flavors" of ice. First, the FrostPeeler™ Blade quickly peels away annoying morning frost. Next, the forward facing IceBreaker Teeth™ provide a cracking force to crumble thicker ice. Last, the Tenderizer™ blade finds the fault lines in really thick ice, causing it to break apart for easy removal.

"Really thick ice on your car, like that caused by a winter rain, can weigh hundreds of pounds," said Weinberger. "Even if it has not adhered to the windshield glass and it's just sitting there, the average person still can't move it. You have to tenderize it, to find its fault lines and break it up. That's one of the ways the IceDozer takes care of troublesome ice."

Besides introducing effective technologies to ice scraping, the IceDozer is also ergonomically safe. The two-fisted PowerGrip™, modeled after a carpenter's wood plane, utilizes the natural strength and motion of the upper body, instead of a person's wrists, to scrape away ice.

Also available is the IceDozer Plus, which features a small, detachable scraper and brush called the Pocket Dozer™. The PocketDozer is designed to scrape ice from small areas such as side mirrors. Its design also incorporates the IceNotch™, which is designed specifically to clear ice chunks off of the windshield wipers.

The IceDozer and IceDozer Plus can be purchased online at Shipping is free when ordering two or more products. Other resellers include and the Herrington Catalog. The IceDozer retails for $17.95 (MSRP), while the IceDozer Plus retails for $19.95 (MSRP). Both are made in the U.S.A. and make unique and practical gifts. Each IceDozer comes with a lifetime warranty; consumers will never have to buy another ice scraper.

Innovation Factory is located at 630 Penfield Ave., Havertown, Pennsylvania 19083. For more information, call 610-789-1137, or visit our website at


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