Evolutionary Wake-Up Call

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The Planet is now going through a major transition - it's a good thing, not the doom and gloom that the media writes about.

Carol Heywood Babrauskas, seer and author of "Passionate Pinky" says her book is a journal of the earth's evolutionary wake-up call after 5,000 years of being asleep.

The title of the book is related to the new pink energies that came through to Earth during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, the energy of Divine Unconditional Love. This evolution of energy has awakened our sleeping planet and has launched earth into the progressive phase of her evolutionary cycle. Carol points out the physical evidence that is accessible to us all. "If you look at a rainbow, you will now see a new pink that wasn't there prior to August 1987. This planet is going through a transition and it's a good thing, not the doom and gloom that the media writes about." For more info visit her website at http://www.passionatepinky.com.

Carol says "we have been given an opportunity right now, not in 2012, to turn within and find Divine connections to unlimited spiritual resources, including direct access to all Truth that reveals Love prevails and that we are one." She insists that science and spirit are two sides of the same coin. "As we transition into the progressive phase of evolution, Earth's vibratory rate is rising and we need to adapt our bodies, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, to this lifting process, a/k/a ascension."

In her book, workshops, interviews, lectures, Carol demonstrates several simple ways to lift our personal vibrations to be in tune with Earth, such as:

  • Self Love/Passion
  • How To Access Unlimited Resources
  • Creativity (hands on activities with provided supplies)
  • Positive Thinking-Avoiding Negativity
  • Energy Work
  • Divine Connectivity, Relationships With The Gods
  • How To Make Sure We Are Receiving our DNA Updates
  • Gentle Movement-Stretch/Dance
  • High Vibration Nutrition-We Are What We Eat In A New Light

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