BPM Microsystems' Newest Flash Programmer Significantly Reduces Programming Time for STMicro's NAND Flash Family

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The New Flashstream programmer from BPM Microsystems can program flash devices at astronomically high speeds. It now programs nine times faster than its nearest competitor, up from six times faster when the product was introduced in April 2007.

BPM Microsystems announces that it has dramatically reduced the programming time for the NAND Flash Large Page Family from chipmaker STMicroelectronics. BPM's newest flash memory programmer, the Flashstream, now programs nine times faster than its nearest competitor, up from six times faster when the product was introduced in April 2007. This improvement applies to the ST Micro Large Page Family from densities ranging from 1Gb to 8Gb in size. Four 1Gb (gigabit) STMicro NAND01 devices are programmed in 19.8 seconds with a full data pattern on the Flashstream programmer. A new feature in BPM Microsystems' software has the ability to use factory cache programming modes in conjunction with the Flashstream's Vector Engine Co-processor to give the additional speed during programming. BPM's Vector Engine Co-processor Technology hardware accelerates waveforms with minimal latencies from the programmer.

The Flashstream programs four parts simultaneously while providing serialization and bad block management. Full serialization is possible on all four parts to enable features from digital rights management keys to lot tracking quality functions, and is user configurable. A NAND options tool is included in the Flashstream's software, which manages the bad block replacement strategy with features such as partitioning, spare area placement, error correcting codes (ECC) and free good block formatting.

Flashstream technology is now available for bulk programming of these large NAND flash memory devices through BPM's line of automated programming systems featuring the ability to automatically output a programmed device every 3.4 seconds on select chips. The 3000FS systems allow hands-free flash programming of bulk parts in tube, tray or tape media input or output. Flash memory that once took minutes per programmed part now takes seconds when using the Flashstream product line.

The recent drop in NAND flash memory prices has spurred embedded developers to use pure NAND not only for mass blank storage, but also for booting code and firmware storage, which requires the preprogramming of NAND flash memory at the point of manufacturing. The 2007 introduction of Flashstream technology solves the production bottlenecks for products containing preprogrammed NAND flash. BPM Microsystems has been a leader in the bulk semiconductor preprogramming equipment supplied to electronics manufacturers since 1985.

About BPM Microsystems:
Established in 1985, BPM Microsystems is a global supplier of electronic device programmers for all applications. The company is the leading supplier of vision-based automated programming systems and sets the standard in device support, performance, ease-of-use, and cost-of-ownership. The company offers a wide variety of device programmers including Universal Programmers, Concurrent Programming Systems® and Fine-Pitch Automated Programming Systems.

BPM Microsystems' financial statements are audited by Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP. BPM Microsystems is located at 5373 West Sam Houston Pkwy N, Suite 250, Houston, Texas USA 77041-5160. BPM Microsystems can be found on the Internet at http://www.bpmmicro.com.


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