Amazing 'Surround-Me' Video: VholdR on the Head of Graham Watanabe of the US Snowboard Team

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The invention of the 'Granthony Cam'.

Seattle Internet startup Twenty20's newest product, VholdR, is set to officially debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 7, 2008. But, a limited quantity of the wearable, hands-free video cameras are already leaving the factory and heading for customers. One VholdR "hit the road" just after Thanksgiving with Twenty20's Anthony Godoy, to meet up with athletes who will put the camera to the test and invent new ways to use it.

That's how the "Granthony Cam" was invented.

On the slopes near Park City, Utah, Anthony Godoy, of Twenty20, and Graham Watanabe, of the U.S. Snowboard Team, invented and tested the "Granthony Cam." The Granthony Cam mechanism enabled the very lightweight VholdR to freely circle around Watanabe as he moved down the slope, yielding a surreal, 360-degree, "Surround-Me" view of the action. The amazing video, set to music, is posted online at:

"This is exactly what we want to see happen," says Twenty20 CEO Marc Barros. "Our video sharing site will be unique, because the videos that VholdR owners will upload will be unique. The community of people on our Web site will be sharing something special: videos episodes from inside the action--their experiences from their point of view. And, the elegant simplicity of VholdR unleashes creativity. We expect to see some amazing videos. This is just the first one!"

Twenty20's VholdR ( weighs just a few ounces, fits in the palm of your hand, but it's armored: with its brushed aluminum body the camera works in rain, snow, and mud. VholdR records video to an internal SD card. Small grooves on VholdR's body are designed to couple with various mounts so the camera can be used anywhere -- or even worn. A single on/off button makes VholdR the ultimate in simplicity to use, even with gloved hands. Easy-to-use software quickly organizes the video and offers a "Click-to-Share" option to post the video online.

And the Granthony Cam? Twenty20's Godoy explains: "Our idea started as an offhand remark, which started the two of us thinking seriously about it. As the idea gained momentum, we looked at each other and realized we had one hell of a workable concept, and we made a beeline to Home Depot where we theorized and schemed. Two hours later, the design was a reality."

Parts? The Granthony Cam is constructed of a skateboard wheel, some PVC pipe, a driveway marker, some screws, a bolt, some washers and some nuts and Gorilla Tape.

After seeing the incredible videos made by Watanabe using the Granthony Cam, Godoy said: "I couldn't sleep, imagining all the videos we could make with this thing!"

Seattle-based Internet startup Twenty20 invents easy ways to "Shoot and Share" video in motion. Twenty20 products are sold through a network of sports retailers and also online. For more information visit

Contact: Marc Barros, CEO, Twenty20 Inc., Seattle, WA, 866-397-6920, marc @,

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