Marty Meshek: Creating 'Mountain High' Success Stories via His New Business Model

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Great products and professional advice add up to new standards in the health and nutrition industry.

John Denver will be remembered forever for his 1973 song called "Rocky Mountain High," which addressed his concern for the destruction of the mountain's beauty by commercial tourism. And a similar success story is unfolding for Colorado entrepreneur Marty Meshek with the rollout of his business model that helps to address serious health issues for a vast majority of Americans. "A recent study showed nearly one-third of Americans being classified as obese and constant complaints of low energy levels on a regular basis. With the line of World Class Products I offer those symptoms can be addressed and individuals will be shown the steps necessary to recapture good health," said the 49-year-old Meshek.

Meshek offers a shopping outlet ( built around simplification and life enhancing products. "I have been involved with Health Energy and Cleansing products since 1999 and understand 2 key areas: 1) The long term positive effects from implementing good daily habits. 2) Overcoming the hype and confusion of products and vendor outlets. I have a business model in place where individuals can get correct answers and beneficial products by simply spending a few moments online to deal with weight gain, energy loss and other main health concerns .... all the answers and a very simple ordering process that will make this model the '7-11' standard for the wellness industry," said Meshek.

Meshek outlines his products offerings which are quickly gaining momentum on a National basis:

  • ENERGY: "Today's world is caffeine driven and leads to depleting the stores of adrenaline to zero. I offer 2 products that specifically deal with this issue: 1) QUICK ENERGY POWER SHOT is a 4 oz energy drink that has no sugar, calories and is loaded with vitamins, amino acids and Nitric Oxide Enhancers. Great tasting and a solution to dealing with Fatigue issues. 2) HYPERACTIVE ENERGY CAPS contain naturally occuring caffeine from Guarana seed extract along with herbs and amino acids that will help to boost energy and stamina and improve mental clarity."
  • WEIGHT LOSS/ CLEANSING: "Healthy weight loss starts with Cleansing so the Digestive system is not toxic and sluggish .... a sluggish colon does not absorb nutrients well and the call for the body to keep eating leads to a terrible cycle of weight gain and a pattern of continual low energy. 4 products in this category offer answers when dealing with this topic: 1) ORGANIC JAVA THIN COFFEE uses products such as Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea and Organic Arabica Coffee Beans to maintain the taste coffee lovers desire with the effect of weight loss. 2) 30 DAY QUICK LOSS PLAN contains 44 key ingredients in breakfast and lunch packets that produce desired results when mixed in with exercise and a low carb diet. 3) WULONG WEIGHT LOSS TEA has been called by Chinese Scientists as the World's Most Powerful Fat Burner with advanced herbal tea formulations so powerful it is now part of everyday use by many Hollywood Stars. 4) FACTOR 5 (TM) COMPLETE CLEANSE SYSTEM is an all-natural method to cleanse and remove toxins from the body without the cramping effects found in other intestinal cleansing products."
  • ANTI-AGING: "In today's society of "wrinkle elimination" surgeries I have a simple product that allows everyone to fight Mother Nature's aging process: GO-GO JUICE has been tested to have one of the highest ORAC (Free Radical Fighting Power) antioxidant levels available in the marketplace today and one daily serving can help in fulfilling daily antioxidant needs."
  • JOINT/BONE CARE: "As I near 50 I can testify to the 'range of motion' challenge I am experiencing in certain joints. OSTEO SMART is a complete joint formula that blends MSM, SAM-E, D-Glucosamine 6-Phosphate and Chondrotin Sulfate designed to offer relief from joint stiffness when used on a regular basis."
  • IMMUNE: "The Immune System is very critical to everyday health by killing pathogens and tumor cells and I have 2 wonderful products geared around maintaing key working functions for individuals: 1) ORGANIC GANOJO COFFEE is an Immune Supporting Mushroom Coffee that combines 4 of the most powerful Mushrooms available plus Green Coffee Bean Extract to support Immune and Circulatory Systems 2) GO GO JUICE offers important Bio-Active Ingredients that help to good health."
  • FITNESS: "A full collection of Audio CDs, DVDs and Books from one of America's best known Personal Trainers will help individuals create a regular workout routine to build up the outer muscles while using my product line to generate superior inner health. It helps to make changes when one is inspired and the inspiration offered in this Fitness Package is guaranteed to have everyone on their feet burning calories as they work out."

Great product offerings tied into a Lucrative compensation plan for Enterpreneurs is generating daily inquires for Meshek. "Once individuals see the line of products and the compensation plan for those interested in becoming distributors it usually is a "how do I become active 'question'," said Meshek. "I have authored several online articles dealing with Weight Loss, Cleansing and Natural Energy .... and the quality of these products passed all of my standards and the compensation plan with 7 income streams tied in with Quick Start Cash Bonuses has geneated nothing but great feedback from experts I have interfaced with in the Home Business Entrepreneur Industry. The system works because it is designed for broke people to make money and for Entrepreneurs looking for a serious change in their lives I offer a line of Healthy Products with a lucrative compensation plan at a time when this entire nation needs to become serious about being healthy and fit."

Marty Meshek can be reached in his Ft. Collins office:

1) Directly @ 970-232-9179
2) Via email:
3) Online:

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