Key to Holiday Traveling: Pack for the Inevitable with NutraMist's New Products

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New products prove essential for combating travel variables.

NutraMist Energy, Immune, Crave and Sleep products make perfect Travel Kit

and while its good coffee, a large café latte will only give you with a quick caffeine kick and full bladder. NutraMist's Energy Shots offers a more natural, B12 energy boost that won't raise your blood pressure or leave you needing a restroom.

Each year, millions of people travel to far away places by plane, train, or bus to spend the holidays with family and friends. While preparation for the holiday away typically involves listing what wardrobe, footwear, undergarments, and toiletries will be packed, few consider preparing or packing for the inevitable - the delayed departures, scores of strangers coughing, sneezing, or sniffling in closed quarters, long periods of limited access to food (or no edible food), or the sleeplessness from traveling across time zones and running on pure adrenaline to get there. Today, one or all of these circumstances can be easily and affordably dealt with by adding a few new, and vital, products from NutraMist to your carry-on luggage, handbag, or coat pocket.

Worn Out Before You Even Leave
Traveling during the winter months often means delayed departures. Couple this near absolute travel circumstance with the required 2-hour check-in window and the time traveling to the airport, train or bus depot, and most people experience exhaustion before ever boarding their transportation of choice. "Combating exhaustion while traveling leads most adults to the nearest Starbucks," said NutraMist executive Ellen Leikind, adding, "and while its good coffee, a large café latte will only give you with a quick caffeine kick and full bladder. NutraMist's Energy Shots offers a more natural, B12 energy boost that won't raise your blood pressure or leave you needing a restroom."

An Ounce of Prevention
Having survived the 3 to 4 hour pre-travel, hurry-up-to-wait conditions, the typical traveler soon finds their body crammed into a too small seat with perfect strangers on almost every side. "While most fellow travelers appear symptom-free of a cold or flu, you soon begin to notice the tell-tell signs that all is not well with your travel companions; they cough, sneeze, and sniffle," said Leikind. "I carry the Immune Booster, a natural vitamin C, Echinacea, and Zinc compound that gives me the peace of mind that I've done what I can to protect myself." The discreet canister of Immune Boost, she noted, fits in the palm of your hand and delivers bio-botanicals containing 17 anti-oxidants in just six quick sprays.

Hungry? Don't Count on the Carrier's Food
Unless you are traveling first-class, passengers today are left to their own devices to satisfy hunger; options often being limited to grabbing an over-priced fast-food meal in the concourse or snack foods from airport or depot mini-stores. "During the holidays," said Leikind, "standing in extra long lines while trying to make a connection is not always feasible. Most passengers are left relying on the classic bag of 10 pretzels and a soda to quell hunger. I travel with NutraMist's Crave Control, an oral spray that keeps hunger at bay through ingredients that include the appetite suppression qualities of peppermint and Hoodia." Like its sister products, Crave Control fits discreetly in the palm of the hand but, said Leikind, "because it contains mint, it leaves your breath smelling good, too."

When Time Zone Changes Affect Sleep
Perhaps the most unbearable part of travel is adjusting your body's natural clock to a new time zone. Travelers often arrive at destinations only to find their excitement and adrenaline wreaking havoc on their normal sleep patterns. For this reason, Leikind finds the last product in the essential traveler's kit the most vital. She explained, "Time zone changes can be especially brutal on sleep patterns; easily throwing the body into what I call another 'wake-cycle.' When the mind and body are not cooperating, you just need a safe and natural way to induce rest. Sleep Now is ideal for just that purpose." NutraMist Sleep Now, like its sister products, is an oral spray that delivers a concentrated dose of supplements that help put you to sleep in minutes. Said Leikind, "Because it contains natural ingredients whose properties promote relaxation and sleep, it's not habit forming and you don't experience the negative or groggy side effects that prescription-based or other OTC sleep aids tend to have. In fact, you wake up feeling quite refreshed."

Leikind, whose own job requires frequent travel, praised the four convenient oral sprays as being among the few personal items that still clear security checkpoints. "For me," she noted, "NutraMist's Energy Shots, Immune Boost, Crave Control, and Sleep Now are essential traveling companions. Like Carl Malden used to say about American Express, I don't leave home without them."

NutraMist formulas include Energy Shots, Immune Boost, Crave Control, and Sleep Now and are available at CVS, Walgreens, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Rite Aid, Longs, Duane Reade and more. Distributed by IdeaVillage Products Corp., headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, information on the NutraMist product line can be found at

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