Clipblast! Unveils ’Remote Control For The Video Web’ -- Rev. 3. 0 of Video Search Platform Gives Advertisers Bold New Options to Reach Viewers

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Powered by the ClipBlast! Intelligent Index™, New Version Benefits Advertisers, Consumers, Content Providers With Dramatically Increased Functionality

ClipBlast! 3.0 leverages the collective input of the community to hone contextual searches

ClipBlast! (, the premier Web-wide video search and navigation platform, today announced the release of ClipBlast! Version 3.0. Acting in effect as a “remote control for the Video Web,” the new release represents a major enhancement of ClipBlast!'s video search platform, with improvements that promise a richer, easier and more relevant experience for advertisers and content providers -- and the video viewers they aim to reach.

At the heart of ClipBlast! 3.0 is the Intelligent Index™, which matches the content of the ad with the content of the video. Rather than relying exclusively on the content provider's description and metadata—which can be subjective or even nonexistent— ClipBlast!'s Intelligent Index uses proprietary technology to categorize content in real time more effectively, thereby delivering both more relevant search results and highly targeted ads.

The Intelligent Index simultaneously addresses the issue of “how to get found” and provides a monetization model for online video. The ClipBlast! 3.0 platform gets “smarter” with every video it indexes. The more videos added, and the more metadata ingested into the platform, the better the platform becomes at recognizing, organizing and drawing correlations among related data -- which leads to smarter search results.

For the content provider – which can now extend its reach well beyond its own site -- ClipBlast! 3.0 literally raises a video's IQ. For advertisers, ClipBlast’s Intelligent Index can mean increased revenues, thanks to the ability to serve highly-targeted ads in conjunction with smart content.

"ClipBlast! 3.0 provides a way for advertisers to take true advantage of the ever-growing Video Web,” said Gary Baker, ClipBlast! founder and CEO. “Our Intelligent Index not only leads to better, more accurate search results for the viewer, it also creates a situation where advertisers can get their message, in a vibrant, living format—in front of viewers who are paying attention a particular topic.

“ClipBlast! 3.0 leverages the collective input of the community to hone contextual searches,” he added. “And because the Intelligent Index ensures higher quality video search, ClipBlast! 3.0 advances the state of the art in contextual search. Like a remote control unit, it places the entire Video Web at your fingertips.”

Video Advertising 3.0
ClipBlast's 3.0 platform does for Video Web advertisers what pay-per-click programs did for the early generations of online marketers -- it gives advertisers an innovative way to get their relevant message directly in front of a viewer who's expressed interest in a subject.

“Because our search results are both smart and highly refinable, advertisers can pinpoint specific user targets and serve relevant ads at the exact moment the viewer has shown interest,” Baker said. “This kind of one-to-one advertising – occurring within a one-to-many medium -- offers unparalleled opportunities for advertisers.

“Intelligent indexing represents a sea change in the video search paradigm,” he noted. “Until now, a video creator could name a video anything, and could describe that video in any way -- but the content within the video may have nothing to do with what the creator says. ClipBlast! 3.0 looks at both the information the creator provides and the information the video itself provides -- the images, the speech, the text -- and returns results accordingly. It's simply a more holistic and less subjective way of indexing video — and, ultimately, it ensures a better experience for everyone the Video Web touches."

Today’s announcement follows the launch of the ClipBlast! Video Widget at DEMOfall07 in late September. The ClipBlast! Widget is a Web-wide video search and navigation tool that resides on the desktop, enabling search, navigation, browsing and viewing of the Video Web without having to launch a browser or visit a specific website.

The ClipBlast! platform searches the entire Web for available content, continuously providing video web viewers with up-to-date, personalized video content, no matter what the source. ClipBlast! indexes more content providers than anyone on the Video Web.

About ClipBlast!
Founded in 2004, ClipBlast! provides pioneering Web-wide video search that uses patent-pending technology to continuously update the largest index of video content across the Internet. ClipBlast!'s fast, easy interface gives users instant access to millions of quality, highly relevant, targeted video clips from the world’s major media brands, independent producers and individuals – video that informs, enlightens, inspires and entertains. The company is based in Agoura Hills, Calif. To learn more, visit The ClipBlast! video at DEMOfall07 may be viewed at:

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