Tait's Latest P25 Innovations Deliver a Broad Digital Offering with the Most Comprehensive Customizable P25 Solution

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Tait Radio Communications is proud to announce a suite of innovations which bring greater choices to buyers of P25 digital solutions.

Tait Radio Communications is proud to announce a suite of innovations which bring greater choices to buyers of P25 digital solutions. The latest addition of features and enhancements, to the already-successful P25 offerings, marks an exciting new chapter in the advancement of this technology.

"While other manufacturers may specialize in base stations, terminals or have equipment only in one or two frequency bands, Tait delivers the whole package," said Bill Fredrickson, President of Tait Radio Communications in North America. "With this release, the company now offers portables, mobiles and base stations of various power outputs and in VHF, UHF and 700/800 MHz frequency bands with advanced encryption that is deployable 'over the air.' Of course, now we have trunked P25 as well as conventional which means we can supply an even greater number of customers. We even have 380-400 MHz for Federal Users with FIPS certification," commented Fredrickson.

Through this more comprehensive offering, Tait is launching a way in which system integrators and other third parties can integrate via our Application Programming Interfaces (API) so that the P25 solution fits their specific needs. "With our TM8000 mobiles, Tait learned the value of placing the power to customize in the hands of people with expertise, ideas and applications in mind, so we have extended this capability into our P25 radios," said Fredrickson. "For example, we have a company in the Northwest USA which has integrated our radio equipment's capability so that it can be used for P25 coverage testing."

Now the new Tait Radio Application Programming Interface capability is open to all. By enhancing our P25 equipment in this way we show how much confidence we have in these products while again demonstrating the different "Tait way" of doing things. Because Tait radios can also be re-keyed "over the air" this opens up the market even wider. "Changing the encryption keys on a large fleet of radios is cumbersome if you have to physically touch each one. When you can re-program all those radios from one central point, you're seeing huge efficiency and security gains," said Fredrickson.

Opening up the market

"Since we launched the Tait P25 portable, it has built a solid reputation as being smart and tough. Now any organization that may have already committed to a P25-compliant trunked network can choose these terminals rather than miss out," said Fredrickson. "Also our unique API is exceptionally powerful and basically allows unlimited interoperability. The new API allows you to make the Tait radios work in any way you want them to."

Opening up the future

"Tait now offers the broadest range of P25 solutions in North America, from conventional P25 -- multicast or simulcast -- to trunked Tait has a wide range of P25 solutions. Through the P25 API and our willingness to tailor our products to fit your needs, including integrating with third party solutions, we are able to provide customers with a wider range to choose from for system design flexibility. We believe strongly that the market is looking for new, fresh alternatives. With the introduction of these new products and solutions our customers have even more choices. Tait is clearly the fastest growing P25 Network supplier in North America," concluded Fredrickson.

Tait Radio Communications is a leading international manufacturer and provider of world-class mobile voice and data communications equipment. Tait Radio Communications, a subsidiary of Tait Electronics, Ltd. based in Christchurch, New Zealand, has been a growing presence in the North American radio communications market for more than 20 years.


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