Heat Transfer Fluid System Maintenance Revolutionized with Introduction of Continuous Service System Cleaners

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Plastic processing, die casting, molding machinery typically use non-atmospherically sealed heat transfer fluid systems. Oxidation due to atmospheric contamination of the heat transfer fluid produces carbon and sludge, leading to premature system failure and increased maintenance costs. Duratherm's new DuraClean line of heat transfer system cleaners gives maintenance engineers a valuable tool to maintain production levels while keeping the heat transfer system well maintained.

In the plastic processing, die casting and molding industries companies strive to balance the need to maintain high production levels and the necessity of performing regular maintenance on the machinery. Sometimes shutting down a machine to perform basic maintenance is not possible due to tight production schedules and shrinking profits. Duratherm Extended Life Fluids has worked with manufacturers for the past 25 years to develop innovative heat transfer fluids (http://www.heat-transfer-fluid.com/products/htf/) that help reduce maintenance downtime. The latest innovation from Duratherm is their DuraClean line of heat transfer system cleaner fluids. These no downtime system cleaners use the latest additive technology to effectively dissolve and consume sludge and carbon build-up.

Six unique formulations make up Duratherm's line of heat transfer fluid system cleaners. (http://www.heat-transfer-fluid.com/products/cleaners/). DuraClean is designed for light to moderately fouled heat transfer fluid systems. DuraClean LSC is for larger systems. DuraClean Concentrate is ideal to use prior to a scheduled maintenance shutdown for machine overhauls. For severely fouled systems, DuraClean Ultra will strip fouled heat transfer systems of oxidized and thermally degraded oil deposits and can clean moderately to severely fouled systems in a few hours. Carb-off quickly strips carbon and sludge deposits from fouled heat transfer fluid systems within hours. U-Clean is the first heat transfer system cleaner compatible with Polyalkylene Glycol heat transfer fluids such as Ucon 500(r).

"Heat transfer fluids are a necessity in so many industries, yet the differences between fluids are not well understood." says Michael Bates, Technology Director of Duratherm Extended Life Fluids. Bates continues "We see companies trying to save a few dollars in the short term by using relatively inexpensive thermal oils that degrade quickly, which can cause carbon and sludge buildups that can shut down a production machine altogether due to ineffective heat transfer. Cleaning sludge and carbon deposits out of heat transfer systems while machines are in production is a breakthrough in our industry. The DuraClean line of heat transfer fluid system cleaners saves companies money over the long term by reducing machine downtime thus maintaining the needed production levels."

For over 25 years, Duratherm Extended Life Fluids has been servicing the heat transfer fluid industry worldwide with quality, effective and innovative products ranging from heat transfer fluid and related products, to thermal oils, thermic fluids and specialized lubricants. Working closely with equipment manufacturers and their customers, they have an intimate and unrivaled understanding of real world concerns for heat transfer fluids, including pioneering the development and use of system cleaners as a maintenance tool.

For more information on DuraClean system cleaners or Duratherm's line of heat transfer fluids and thermal oils, visit http://www.heat-transfer-fluid.com.

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