New Book Promotes Zen Minimalism and the Art of Investing

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Traders and investors today have more investment choices and access to trading technology. Yet, they still fail to beat the market. A new book, "Stock Trading Riches", advises them to look to the Far East and KISS (Keep It Short and Simple).

Today's traders and investors live in a world with instant trade execution, sophisticated technical analysis software, global markets, and 24/7 news. They can invest in single stock futures, binary options, and foreign currencies.

Yet, despite all these products and technology, today's investors still routinely fail to beat the market.

Praveen Puri, author of the newly released book "Stock Trading Riches: The Simple, but Powerful Formula that Transforms Your Stock Picks into Money Pumps" (ISBN 978-1434809872, Available from, suggests that investors would do well to shift their focus from Wall Street to the Great Wall.

Puri is one of the growing numbers of financial and trading veterans who are starting to embrace Eastern principles for success.

In the 90's, he was a day trader glued to screens, phones, and CNBC. Puri found himself running faster just to stay in the game. He felt pressured to leverage his portfolio with futures and options. He worked hard, suffered stress, and failed to meet his performance goals.

Then, in 2000, he studied and applied the lessons of Taoism, Zen, and Hinduism:

  • The market is reality. Traders must accept and adapt to whatever it does.
  • Focus on the present moment. It is the only thing you have control over.
  • Concentrate on your duty (trade your system), not on the fruits of your labor (short term results).

Puri developed a minimalist, Zen-like investment system that uses no news reports, fancy technical indicators or charts to distract from the present moment. He relies on a single formula to calculate when to buy low and sell high. He obeys his formula, and does not let minor fluctuations trigger fear and greed.

He now "surfs" in flow with the market, trades longer term, and is no longer glued to the screen. He only trades common stocks and exchange traded funds. He is no longer stressed, and his performance exceeds his expectations.

Puri feels that any investor or trader can benefit from an Eastern KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) approach:

  • Accept the fact that no investment system is perfect.
  • The market goes where it wants to, not where investors would like it to.
  • Less is more. Adding complex rules, indicators, and exotic products tends to raise trading costs, and makes your portfolio less flexible and robust.
  • Focus on executing your plan, and not dwelling on short-term performance.

Praveen Puri

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