Never Lose Your Windows Mobile or Palm OS Based Cell Phone Again

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Corsoft's Warden software now provides best case mobile security by helping users not lose their phone. By securing the phone and alerting the user at the time of loss, it minimizes the potential of loss.

Mike Hsu was following his typical morning routine. He had driven to the local coffee shop, placed a few calls, ordered his favorite drink, and settled in for his daily commute to the office. Forty minutes later, he had the sinking realization that he had left his cell phone behind. Thinking of all the important calls he would miss and the danger of his data falling in wrong hands, he turned back, but the phone was long gone, with all his information now at risk.

This experience, familiar to so many cell phone users, was the inspiration for Chirag Patel, President & CEO of Corsoft Corporation, in designing the first and only patent-pending security solution that helps people avoid losing their mobile phones. Unlike earlier versions of Warden that help users lock their phones once they're missing, the recently released version of Warden Security software goes a step further and addresses the root of the problem by making sure that users don't lose their cell phones in the first place - the absolute best type of mobile security.

Warden Security is the first product to intelligently auto lock the device when its connection with a wireless peripheral device is dropped within its personal area network. This means that every time a user absentmindedly walks away from the cell phone with only their Bluetooth headset, Warden will automatically secure the cell phone so that other people cannot use it to make or receive calls, nor access the mobile data. The phone then plays a user-defined pre-recorded message, alerting people nearby that the phone has been left behind.

"People have gotten really creative with the messages they choose to have their phones play when they've left their cell phone behind," says Patel. "My own phone shouts out, 'Has anybody seen my Daddy?' in my daughter's voice. Unlike a simple beep or ringtone, this really captures attention, and even if I've walked too far away to hear it, someone else is able to find it and alert me."

Most users prefer to avoid security as they perceive it to be obtrusive, especially when they wish to access their device and data quickly. Nevertheless, securing their mobile device is necessary to protect against potential loss of data falling in wrong hands. Warden now eliminates this problem by helping users avoid losing their phone in the first place.

Warden Security software is the first product to use a mobile phone's drop-in connection with a peripheral device to secure the phone. Users can purchase this patent-pending software for just $24.95 and upload it to their cell phone within five minutes, potentially saving the cost and the frustration of having a lost or misplaced phone in unauthorized hands.

If the phone nevertheless does become lost or stolen, Warden permits users to secure their phone through a simple remote command from, thereby preventing its unauthorized use and access. When the phone is locked remotely, it provides options for the finder to return the lost device. If desired, it can also display an offer for reward. Warden provides comprehensive security for phones based on Windows Mobile (Pocket PC's and Smartphones) and Palm OS devices (Treo and Centro).

Additional information about Warden Security is available online at

ABOUT Corsoft Corporation - Warden Security software is fully owned and licensed by Corsoft Corporation, an industry leader for mobile security and business productivity solutions. The Corsoft team comprises of seasoned veterans with vast experience in mobile computing, including business workflow and data protection. Additional information about the company is available online at

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