Mentalist Party at Falcon, Hollywood

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The mentalists cast of the hit TV show Phenomenon (NBC) joined telepathic-forces with some guest celebrities in a season-finale party at Falcon, on Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles.

The mentalists cast of the hit TV show Phenomenon (NBC) joined telepathic-forces with some guest celebrities in a season-finale party at Falcon, on Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles.

Mentalist Ehud Segev (, who was the runner-up in the Israeli version of the show ("The Successor") as well, borrowed the credit card of Ross Matthews (The Tonight Show) and made it spin so fast, it started levitating in mid air. The confused Ross was so worried the card would be used to pay the cost of the open bar but soon relaxed when Segev explained to him that he would now have "revolving" credit.

The winner of Phenomenon (, Mike Super, was busy taking pictures with everyone and Tim Vincent, the host of the show, proved his British descent by maintaining upright posture despite the open bar! Uri Geller (, the master mentalist, was charming then ever: He encouraged all contestants of the mentalism show to push their careers further, and offered to help them in anyway he can. The biggest magic of the night was performed by Criss Angel (Uri's co-judge in the show) that simply "disappeared" a few seconds after the live broadcast of the show ended and didn't even bother to attend the finale party.

A surprising statement was made when Mr. Geller received some phone calls from people who urged him to demand the one million dollar challenge set forth by Criss Angel. During one of the shows Criss showed a sealed envelope and asked Uri to say what was in it. On the final show he approached Uri and asked him again. Uri, for some unexplained reason, began talking about some dates! As he was talking about these dates on live television, he was actually zoning in on the hidden content of Criss envelope. Uri said Angel was born on the 19th, just 1 day prior to Geller's birthday. He then said that he had bent his 1st spoon when Angel was 1 (years old.) Criss Angel got nervous, as he knew that he wrote a DATE inside the envelope, not other than 9/11. He immediately cut Uri off, and diverted attention by quickly opening the envelope. This became the talk of the party. How come Uri knew to talk about dates? How come he was mentioning numbers so closed to the numbers written in Criss' envelope? Why did Criss cut him off on live TV?

The mentalist-contestants kept surprising the guests with wonderful mindreading effects. Gerry McCmbridge the mind reader performed some miracles to Shandi Finnessey (Miss USA 2004) along with Wayne Hoffman,
Geller approached the three Israeli mentalists who competed in the show (Guy Bavli, Erin Raven and Ehud Segev) and was so excited about the Israeli achievements: Phenomenon was the first-ever Israeli TV show to be sold to an American network, Phenomenon was the first-ever show to be hosted by an Israeli not to mention the first primetime show to feature 4 Israelis.

Contestants Angela Funovits (who made it to the second place) and Jim Karol had to leave early because they were rushing for a radio interview. Jan Bardi, the mentalist from Belgium, had to leave back for his home country. Nevertheless this party was truly phenomenal. Spoons were bending, minds were read and everybody was happy.

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