Keep That New Year Resolution with the 21-Day Miracle Online Program

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It's the New Year, when resolutions are easy to make - and break. Now the 21-Day Miracle online program comes to the rescue, helping people turn this cycle around. Developed by Ilchi Lee, the 21-Day Miracle program can assist people to unleash their inner potential, achieving goals related to health, career, relationships, and almost any issue. Research shows that it takes 21 days to rewire the brain and firmly change a habit. Visit to enroll in this new system of goal setting, inspirational guidance, and group support. Now dreams can really come true.

It's the season when New Year's resolutions come into vogue. Many will be made, but few will be achieved. People often set a goal to change something about their life --losing weight, exercising regularly, or cleaning out the garage -- only to give it up days later.

Today people are making life changes through an online program called the 21-Day Miracle, or 21M ( Here is what people who have completed the 21M program at least once say: "The improvement in my relationship with my teenage son has been amazing, thanks to the system and support." "It is about controlling your life through focus; I was finally able to stop drinking soda." "What I learned about my thinking and emotions was more valuable than my actual goal of toning my muscles."

Ilchi Lee (, president of the University of Brain Education (South Korea), developed 21M for people to manifest genuine and lasting change in their life. They do this by creating and following an action plan for a single focused goal, and getting regular doses of inspiration and support to achieve it.

As Lee puts it, "The 'miracle' is the people themselves. They are creators who can make their goal a reality. 21M is a tool to help unleash the potential that everyone already has inside of their brain."

According to Lee, "Experts say it takes 21 days to create a new habit -- the period needed to 'rewire' one's brain, and for neural connections to become firmly established." Along the way, it takes a strong commitment for people to accomplish their goal.

21M works because it provides three elements often missing when people pursue a goal: (1) Setting a single focused, concrete and appropriate goal. (2) Training and inspiration to help achieve greater results from their efforts. (3) Networking with people like them for encouragement and reinforcement. Lee states, "21M provides the people who register on the website with a home base where they can keep track of their progress and find all the tools that they need to succeed."

The 21-day journey begins with the choice of a focused goal, and establishment of three simple ground rules to support it. The goal can be anything of personal interest, such as physical health, career, home situation, or relationships. The goal and rules need to be phrased in a realistic, achievable way. For example, one woman picked the goal of losing 10 pounds, and followed these three rules: 15 minutes of vibrational dancing daily, 50 push-ups daily, and not eating after 9:00 pm.

After registering for 21M on the website, participants make a written "contract" with themselves. Before signing it, they must ensure that they are committed 100% to this goal and plan. It helps to post the contract in several places as a frequent reminder.

Often people fail in achieving a goal because deep inside they don't really believe that they can succeed. They view their current state of being as who they really are. Lee urges, "With 21M, don't just look at it as stopping a bad habit. Rather, think of it as an 'identity overhaul,' a chance to remake an aspect of one's basic sense of self."

Psychologists contend that negative habits arise when some other basic social need is unfulfilled. When we feel dissatisfaction in one area of our lives, we "fill the gap" with other behavior that gives us temporary relief from that emotional pain. Therefore, to control their habits, individuals need to master their emotions. It helps for people to decide which emotions are useful to them and which are not. Lee explains, "People may discover that the emotions surrounding a habit are the real habit they are trying to break."

The human brain possesses a marvelous attribute called neuroplasticity, the ability to constantly rewire itself in response to various stimuli. Therefore, people are not stuck with the brain they currently possess. Lee affirms, "Human beings can sculpt their brain to be whatever they desire it to be." They can accomplish this by using their imagination to visualize and rehearse their goal's achievement, an artist working with neurons and synapses.

Starting January 7th, the basic package of online services (goal management toolkit, weekly e-newsletter, and group support) is free, and additional premium services (detailed audio training modules, Lee's daily inspirational messages, a telelecture, and more) are available for $21.

As Lee sums it up, "21M is a way to take control of your life and make your dreams into reality. It helps people build the life they really want to live."


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