Marketing Firm Introduces a New Strategy for Reviving Rejected Closings for Mortgage and Real Estate Brokers

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The Joint Ownership-Equity Share (J.O.E.S.) program presented by Golden Pig Marketing solves the sluggish real estate sales dilemma. Brokers, sellers, buyers and investors all benefit when the equity in a property can be shared for the purpose of closing hard to close real estate transactions.

As the sub prime mortgage industry continues to free fall, many mortgage and real estate brokers no doubt wonder what impact this decline in the real estate market may have on their future. With a glut of properties for sale and not enough qualified buyers to purchase them, some brokers may fear that the sky is falling and run away in pursuit of a new line of work. Yet, one man's fear becomes another man's fortune.

Indeed, this real estate correction can be seen as a golden opportunity for those that are willing to think outside the box. The market climate at first glance appears to be cold and unforgiving. Nothing could be further from the truth. Forward thinking brokers are flourishing while those that hold tight to conventionality in an unconventional environment may find themselves missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Real estate in this decade requires innovation to not only keep business alive, but to actually thrive. What is the answer? How do starving brokers make it during these times of uncertainty? They "Eat at J.O.E.S". A creative marketing and consulting company is helping brokers combat sluggish real estate sales. Golden Pig Marketing has announced a marketing strategy with a 15 year proven track record for brokers known as the Joint Ownership-Equity Share or J.O.E.S. Program.

A joint ownership equity share is really not that uncommon. Joint partnerships and joint ventures have been around for ages allowing business participants to contribute in different ways to achieve a common goal. One business partner may contribute as a facilitator. Another may be asked to produce raw materials. Another may lend their good credit while another manages the partnership or venture. J.O.E.S. is similar to a standard partnership, but with a few twists.

For example, a broker is having a difficult time closing a sale because the buyer does not have enough cash for a down payment or is marginal at qualifying for new financing. So the deal is off, right? Not so fast. What if the broker could introduce a temporary joint ownership arrangement between the seller and buyer to make the sale work? The grateful seller could then sell, the buyer could get the money needed for the purchase and the broker could receive a full commission on an otherwise dead deal.

With the help of J.O.E.S., all of this could be accomplished on virtually thousands of transactions in any neighborhood nationwide, turning a "No deal" into a "Go deal". J.O.E.S. just may be the answer for stimulating a higher percentage of successful real estate transactions and keep brokers profitable for years to come. Golden Pig Marketing has officially launched J.O.E.S. Program for Mortgage and Real Estate Brokers across the country. Details are available by contacting Dave Salcido at Golden Pig Marketing (text message 8013302769 or email Private all day training seminars for groups of 25 or more are available upon request.


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