New Years Resolutions -- Free Ebook Shows How the 10% Accomplish Them

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9 out of 10 people who make New Years resolutions will fail in the first 30 days, according to experts. That leaves 11 long months until we start again with one less year in our lives. How do we beat the odds? By following the ten steps of the 10% who achieve New Years Resolutions.

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All the reasons why people can't keep New Years resolutions boil down to a handful of causes, most of them simple, familiar, and self-inflicted. Once you know the reasons for this high rate of resolution failure, you'll learn how to become a member of that elite 10% -- a New Years resolution success story.

"Yesterday, everybody smoked his last cigar, took his last drink and swore his last oath. Today, we are a pious and exemplary community. Thirty days from now, we shall have cast our reformation to the winds and gone to cutting our ancient shortcomings considerably shorter than ever." -- Mark Twain

We may feel giddy on New Year's Eve, and full of resolve on New Year's Day, ready to write that novel, trim that waist, or take on any number of noble goals. Sadly, that enthusiasm often begins to wane as the cold days of January drag on. But defeat isn't inevitable. We can do it.

There are ten obstacles to accomplishing New Years resolutions. Tripping up on any one of them is all it takes to sabotage our success. Fortunately, each is simple to spot and easy to avoid. Once understood, each of these stumbling blocks can be turned into a springboard to move us forward. If you carefully watch each step, you will succeed.


A "New YOU Year -- How the 10% Accomplish New Years Resolutions" is chock full of time tested wisdom that includes:

  • The single action that determines whether your resolution will even make it out of the starting blocks (miss this crucial step and you can start your "wait til next year" chant on Opening Day)
  • How to apply an ancient Chinese carpenter's secret that will transform your resolution from a rickety old house of cards into an indestructible bomb shelter ...
  • The absolute worst type of resolution you can possibly make (within legal and moral bounds) -- and why even succeeding at it will amount to failure
  • The four letter word that built the famous roads of the Roman empire -- and how using it religiously is essential to success with any goal ...

Your free copy of a "New YOU Year" is available for immediate download at

Go there right now and get your copy, before you let that dastardly villain English poet Edward Young named the "thief of time" steal your most precious resource. (Discover how to double dead-bolt your doors against this sneaky cat burglar in Step Two -- Conquering Procrastination)

Debra Thompson, the author of How to Protect Your Child from 12 Diseases Your Mother Never Told You About, (see, is making this new guide available free of charge as a way of introducing A Healthy New Year, her weekly audio interview and podcast series featuring people involved in natural health and wellness. You can listen to it at


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