Christmas Gifts: High Tech Loves Low Tech - Even Among Geeks and Technophiles, Some Very Special Low-Tech Items are on Their Most-Wanted List

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At Christmas time, it's not just hi-tech gadgets that those in the know are after. A panoply of web sites which are the high temple of low tech gifts are flocked to by geeks of all stripes, mathematicians, scientists, lovers of classical music, avid readers, philosophers, and even the guy next-door - of all ages and from around the world.

Danger - You are Entering a Cartesian Study Lab - Don't Stop Thinking

Uber-tech MP3 players aren't the only things on the 'most wanted' list of geeks and technophiles. If you hang out in the Internet neighborhoods where they let their dream gifts be known, you'll discover that a 4' x 8' archival quality poster listing the first MILLION digits of PI is one of the coveted items they're hoping to find under the tree. Low tech - yes, but it's an ultimate geek gift.

"Popular?" says Marshall Green, a spokesman for which sells this mother of all geek posters. "You bet - we're thinking of adding a 2nd million digits." is the flagship of a panoply of specialty websites where the gnomes are working round the clock filling the low tech dreams of hi-tech mavens.

"Our customers include not only professors, teachers and students, but music lovers, physicists, computer scientists, quants, stockbrokers, museum gift shops, and maybe your next door neighbor. We've filled orders from every country in the world. And from all ages. We've got parents filling orders for kids who aren't old enough to order themselves, but love our stuff."

And math geeks aren't the only ones beating a path to their cyberspace doors. There's for music lovers, where some of the prized items are the classic "Beethoven Sweatshirt" made popular by Charles Schulz and "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown," the ultra-modern "Classical Rocks" series, and the "Motz" (short for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) shirt and poster popular with an army of kids who love classical music - and whose number would surprise those who think who think rap and rock have the music market cornered.

Then there's for literature lovers, where the authentic Mary Shelly Frankenstein poster, the Kafka trilogy, and the modern flair Shakespeare posters and shirts are popular, with Jules Verne, Stevenson's "Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", Charlotte and Emily Bronte posters and shirts, and Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" not far behind.

Each site features uniquely designed posters, tshirts, and mugs. Some include mahogany keepsake boxes, desk organizers, and other gift items.

"We concentrate on product quality - and lavish attention on unique design," says Green.

With the collection continually being added to, the newest member of this high temple of prized low-tech gifts is with a specially commissioned series of art print posters and shirts celebrating the ideas and images of 20 of the world's most famous philosophers - from Aristotle to Nietzsche and beyond, and reaching right into the 20th century. "Kierkegaard, with a print that features the great existential theme of Fear and Trembling has been quite popular - so have Bergson, Husserl, Machiavelli and Thomas Aquinas". It's a companion to our famous Mathematician series at

Then there's - wide-spread interest in the legend precedes the Beowulf movie says Green - featuring unique specially commissioned posters and shirts based on the ancient timeless legend.

DaVinci is also big - at - with tshirts, posters and mugs featuring Davinci paintings, Vitruvian man, and a composite of DaVinci images, incidentally including those featured in DaVinci Code.

At there are not only Gustav Klimt gifts, but brides-to-be around the world seek it out to order online very affordable elegantly printed personalized The Kiss wedding invitations and greeting cards.

"We also have a unique collection of personalized Christmas cards and greeting cards at We turn them around in a day or two on a really fantastic high-tech press, so there's still time to order."

"Something we're really proud of is our Quantum Physics of Genesis poster and shirt series "In The Beginning"- at the site - because it's become extremely popular with both physicists and fundamentalists. And our customers keep telling us that our Golden Ratio, Fibonacci, and Leonardo series are - well, really beautiful."

But it's not all serious. "On each site, we also have fun with the lighter side of serious ideas. On our Entropy Isn't What It Used To Be series, "Heisenberg at a Traffic Stop" and "Schrodinger's Cat" tshirts, and and mugs are favorites -as are the Kurt Godel logic conundrums. So are our computer posters, shirts, and mugs" says Green, "especially our "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here" Computer Help Desk poster and shirt, "Stonehenge - First Hacked 2500 B.C.E.", and "42" - which just happens to be the answer to life in Douglas Adams' Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

"Schopenhauer was an optimist", "Will Ont for Food", "Zeitgeist is so now", and "Danger - You are Entering a Cartesian Study Lab - Don't Stop Thinking" are popular in the philosophical humor department at, as is "This is a Black Sheep - on One Side Anyways" for analytical specialists.

"And we have a lot of fun at the PiDepartment at where we've got every type of pi imaginable - Pizza Pi, mom's Apple Pi, American Pi, Santa Pi, I love Pi, Cherry Pi, Strawberry Pi - and Pi Goes to the Movies including Pi Kong, Pizilla, RoboPi, and most recently The Pi Blob - and lots more. Every year, on Pi Day, March 14th, we drop the Giant Pi, watched around the world by thousands - sort of like the New Years ball dropping in Times Square, for Pi aficionados." There are also special celebrations for Mole Day, and Talk Like a Pi-rate Day. This year they're celebrating the 300th anniversary of Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler in the Euler Shop. Last year was the 250th anniversary of Mozart at

"We set out to give some of the real superstars of Western knowledge the same type of treatment that Britney Spears and Paris Hilton get for doing a whole lot less. We thought the real stars of Western culture deserved some special attention, loving treatment, and unique design - and judging from the response to what we produce, it seems a whole lot of people agree with us".

You don't have to be a geek to shop at any of these sites. And, although the 4'x8' pi poster rings in at $200, and sells very well, most items are extremely affordable, with a wide selection of gifts under $20.

About the Company: is the flagship site of a panoply of specialty sites which include (classical composer tshirts, posters and gifts), authors posters, tshirts, and gifts), (philosophy and philosophers posters, tshirts and gifts), and other specialty sites listed on the "About Us" page of each website. It also includes with a unique collection of personalized Christmas cards, and impressionist artist personalized invitations and art greeting cards, for a unique line of children's posters, tshirts, and cards based on the work of period cartoonist Frederick Opper's Museum of Wonders, with gifts and personalized greeting cards for magicians and conjurors, and a host of other specialty sites.

Products are unique custom designs produced specially for the web sites and their customers, featuring high quality, priced for affordability, and shipped globally from state of the art production and distribution facilities in the US.


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