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Renowned Yoga exponent -- Franz Andrini -- has released a video-based, online course for weight-loss through Yoga. Titled "Slimmer in Sixty Days", this is the second course released by Franz on http://www.zendle.com -- a site where only reputed, invited experts can publish content.

Renowned Yoga exponent -- Franz Andrini -- has released a video-based, online course for weight-loss through Yoga. Titled, "Slimmer in Sixty Days", this is the second course released by him on http://www.zendle.com -- a site where only invited experts can publish content. Franz has also released an online, free, Yoga encyclopedia on Zendle.com where he has demonstrated over 130 advanced Yoga postures.

The 'Slimmer in Sixty Days' online Yoga course is designed to help participants lose weight gradually by raising their awareness of their bodies. It includes breathing practices that shrink the stomach and reduce the appetite. The postures are designed to reduce stress, control anxiety-induced binge-eating and activate digestive organs and glands.

The course is designed for a western audience and English translations of all postures have been made. Apart from the effectiveness of the content, participants are subscribing to this course because the explanations are video-based and there are opportunities to interact with other participants through online chat and forums. Commenting on the course, Franz said, "This online Yoga course is a great way to ease into an active lifestyle, especially since overweight people are already less likely to exercise because it hurts."

Franz has been practicing Yoga and other spiritual practices since the age of 17. He has trained under Yogavisharada Sri BNS Iyengar -- a Yoga master in Mysore. Franz lived for 10 years in India before moving to Istanbul, Turkey. A former model, who carries a body-fat percentage of less than 8%, Franz often astounds and inspires audiences and students with his flexibility and strength. Commenting on Franz's ability, Adrian Cox, the director of Yoga Elements Studio in Bangkok, Thailand says, "Franz really walks the path of Yoga. His depth of knowledge and practice is rare and inspiring."

Zendle.com's Expert Relations Staff, recently conducted this interview with Franz.

You lived as a monk for 7 years. How was the experience?
"It was one of the most intense yet beautiful times...
Some days were tough and I simply wasn't able to function normally. My guru actually saved me from this stuff as he told me years later not to give any vows as they would create negative energy on the other side. One will be wasting energy for inner fights instead of expending it on Yoga."

"You were a fashion model for sometime too?
"Yeah, when I was younger and had more hair on my head (laughs). Levi's and Urban Yoga were some of the campaigns I did. At one point I was opening fashion shows with Yoga stunts."

Why are you focusing on Yoga for weight-loss?
"I was treating many other problems like back pain, diabetes, PMS, migraines, etc. However, most of the people -- about 80 percent -- who approached me had this issue of losing weight."

What kind of results have you had teaching Yoga for weight-loss?
"Results have been great. Even though this is designed to be a gradual weight-loss program, some people lost weight in the first ten days itself. Slimmer in Sixty Days also removes and reduces many other problems associated with obesity. It is a boon for those with illnesses associated with stomach or sexual organs. An important side-benefit apart from weight loss was the disappearance of PMS for some students and drastic reduction in diabetes in others."

How does your 'Slimmer in Sixty Days' program work?
"This is not a normal exercise program working just your muscles and butts in a linear, localized fashion. It is Yoga -- a science that treats you holistically. The course itself is structured for 8 weeks and is divided into 4 parts. The first part prepares the metabolism, the second penetrates a bit deeper and starts to affect the organism as a whole. Here the visible weight-loss occurs. The third and fourth parts create deeper change within the mind and restructure the body. Even people who do not need to lose weight can do this program since it has the capacity to stabilize the metabolism."

Can you give some diet tips or guidelines?
"Sure. Eat preferably vegetarian food. Avoid processed foods. Eat simple and don't overload yourself with ten varieties. Make sure that there are lots of veggies in you diet, especially greens. Avoid eating out too often, unless your aunt owns a restaurant (laughs). Also make sure that you have lots of liquids and that your food contains good portions of water too. If you can, then buy organically grown food. Above all, be respectful towards the food and eat with a peaceful mind. And ensure that you find a way to dispose left-over food meaningfully without wasting."


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