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Automakers, insurance companies, and personal injury attorneys are learning about an automobile design flaw that causes personal injury, wrongful death and property damage on a large scale. Invent2win's auction is currently open.

Through a report from Invent2win Competitive Products LLC, personal injury attorneys, insurance companies, and auto manufacturers are offered early notifications of an automobile design flaw that appears to be responsible for causing large scale property damage, personal injuries, and wrongful deaths.

Via an open auction posted on its website, the above-mentioned entities are offered insight into the details of the automobile related problem, and the patent pending solution. The details can be reviewed at

The early notification details the shortcomings of the automobile industry's current product offering and details the very real problem that has escaped being noticed or solved until now. The problems that the design flaw presents to consumers has been, is and will continue to be a problem until it is either eliminated or corrected. The personal injuries that result, and the patent pending solution that solves the problem are a reality.

Since property damage, personal injuries, and wrongful deaths appear to have occurred and appear to still be occurring due to this automotive industry product design flaw, it is anticipated that many purchasing this report would be a great risk management move for corporations.

"Millions of consumers use the current flawed designs and millions more flawed designs are scheduled to roll out of manufacturing facilities in the coming years," says John Michaels of Invent2win Competitive Products LLC, "Consumers are unaware of the design flaw's role in their injuries."

So, the problem presented is an ongoing one that requires a solution. Auto manufacturers and automobile component manufacturers are provided an opportunity to license or buy the solution product in an effort to position their company to minimize and offset liability.

Because of the huge number of potential lawsuits, billions of dollars are on the line and inaction by the involved entities can result in major losses in both capital and other assets. Further explanation is available where it talks about the "Automobile Personal Injury Lawsuits Early Notification".

Automobile manufactures, insurers and litigation firms are welcome to review the problem and the solution via the auction materials, while the solution product is available for licensing and or purchase.

For entities wishing to purchase or license the solution product after review, should contact John Michaels at

Invent2win Competitive Products LLC is a products development company.


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