LetsHost Announces the Launch of its Anti Spam Solution That Picks Up From Where the Standard Score Based Anti-Spam Solutions Stop

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LetsHost are very pleased to announce the launch of its new Anti Spam solution that picks up from where the standard score based anti-spam solutions stop. This solution provides protection from all known viruses and stops over 99.9% of spam messages before they reach the desktop, all for a very low monthly fee. Any email user can take advantage of this solution, resulting in increased productivity and protection.

LetsHost announces the launch of its Anti Spam solution that picks up from where the standard score based anti-spam solutions.

The explosive growth of the use of E-Mail both in business and home has provided the benefits of cheap and instantaneous global messaging. This is readily available with a low cost of entry. Unfortunately, as a result of the high penetration of electronic mail in the business, e-Mail has now become one of the most frequently abused technologies and users regularly find themselves bombarded with spam and viruses up to hundreds or even thousands of times every day.

According to a recent survey, around 80% of emails on the Internet, up to 6.5 billion emails a day, are spam. The unwanted emails are created not only by professional spammers, but also by automatic "botnets" -- where the personal computers of unsuspecting internet users are secretly infected with a virus or rogue software to form a robotic network that generates enormous quantities of unwanted spam. These compromised computers can be used in turn to attack other PCs and websites.

In order to combat the menace of spam and viruses, LetsHost (http://www.LetsHost.ie) has partnered with CopperFasten to provide the most comprehensive solution to email threats on the market today, at an extremely cost effective rate. The LetsHost anti-spam solution consists of additional hardware servers that scan every email for viruses and spam detection before forwarding all clean emails to your email inbox. All spam emails are sent to a quarantine area for future review and delivery if required. Customers hosting with other providers can also take advantage of this solution.

Comprehensive Solution
Because of the importance of email as an everyday business tool it is important to ensure the absolute accuracy in email delivery, removing viruses and spam and eliminating the incidence of false positives. It is with this in mind that the LetsHost Anti spam solution uses a multi-layered approach to identify, analyse and "clean" incoming email prior to delivery to the mailbox.

Email is verified by recipient address lookup, passed through customized content filters and quarantined as appropriate. It is then scanned for viruses, passed through White list and Blacklist databases, passed through RBL and DNSRBL databases, analyzed based on keywords in Headers and Body Text, scanned using customized and Bayesian rule sets. Finally mail is scanned using Razor and DCC fingerprint checks and assigned a "score" whereupon it will be quarantined, flagged as Spam or delivered. The end user can even retrieve any quarantined mail thus ensuring no email is ever lost.

Feature Set

  •     Two Anti Virus engines including ClamAV and Kaspersky Labs
  •     Multi layered Anti Spam analyses resulting in greater than 99.9% Spam detection
  •     Less than 0.03% False Positive Rate
  •     Content Filtering
  •     Inward email scanning
  •     Email Disclaimer capability
  •     End user Spam management using email quarantine reports
  •     Automated updating including anti virus, anti spam, version releases and system backup
  •     Added benefit of email queuing in the event of the email server not being available.


  •     Reduce costs by freeing up time, disk space and internet connection charges and bandwidth
  •     Automatically removes over 99.9% of offensive and unwanted email
  •     First line defense against viruses and worms
  •     Remote scanning ensures your email is scanned for spam/viruses before downloading to your PC or office mail server
  •     Increase employee productivity by reducing the time spent managing spam
  •     Urgent emails are not delayed by downloading unwanted email
  •     Protection from deleting important emails by mistake when clearing spam
  •     Protect from illegal email scams and threats
  •     No install required on your PC, everything is hosted on LetsHost servers
  •     Remove emails with offensive/distressing content - you may be held liable as an employer
  •     Protect from illegal email scams and threats
  •     Picks up where standard score based anti-virus solutions stop

The LetsHost spam and virus filter solution can stop over 99.9% of your spam and 100% of known viruses.

A simple MX record change is all that is required to implement the LetsHost anti-spam solution. No hardware or software changes are required by the LetsHost Client, and the service can be up and running in minutes. Customers not hosting with LetsHost, will need to make a very simple change to their email client software.

All identified spam emails are preserved for 14 days for review and delivery if required.

The LetsHost anti-spam solution has a fair use policy allowing up to 1000 emails to be processed per day, per domain. There are no restrictions on the number of email accounts per domain.

Sign up today at http://www.letshost.ie, and start enjoying the benefits of a spam and virus free inbox without any fine tuning or daily maintenance required.

The cost of providing the LetsHost Anti Spam solution is only €8.95 per month, or €89.50 per year, plus vat. We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee if you are in any way dissatisfied with the solution.

About LetsHost
LetsHost.ie was formed in 2003 and is one of Ireland's leading providers of web hosting and domain registration services. LetsHost provide hosting services for over 11,000 Irish customers. More information about LetsHost, is available at http://www.letshost.ie.


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