The Development of Three Motors, Including Automobile, That Are Powered by Air Only

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The use of these motors will serve three purposes: 1. Reduce the worldwide dependency on oil, coal and natural gas as a power source. 2. Tremendously reduce global warming and assist in saving this planet. 3. Produce a cleaner atmosphere, thus reducing a lot of health problems. Not only will our technology change the manner in which new cars are powered, we can alter the existing 100 million cars on the road.

Dr. R. Lee Taylor Sr., D.D., President of R. Lee Taylor & Associates announced a technological breakthrough of the pre-development of three motors that operate from air power only... no gasoline, oil or water.

The motors are:
1. An automoble engine that operates on air alone. The cars are expected to reach speeds from 70 to 80 miles per hour. This engine differs from other proposed air engines by other manufactures because it takes air out of the atmosphere and return it through the exhaust. You never need to stop to refill. Other proposed engines operate on compressed air and may need to refill every 120 miles.

With advanced research we should be able to reduce over fifty percent of the pollutants expelled by airplanes.

2. A motor designed to provide electrical energy to cities powered by air alone. The technology is different from the auto engine.

3. A redesign of the windmill that produces four times the amount of electrical power requiring less wind.

The motors were conceived by Dr. BeLeTe.

We are looking for joint venture partners to complete our products.


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