Fulton Innovation to Present Wirelessly Powered Laptop at CES 2008

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eCoupled(TM) technology powers from milliwatts to kilowatts and saves energy.

Fulton Innovation (Fulton) -- which debuted eCoupled Intelligent Wireless Power at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) -- is set to show the evolution of the technology and its expanded reach into new market segments at the 2008 CES in Las Vegas, January 7-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall.

At the forefront of Fulton's newly expanded portfolio of low, medium and high power applications is an efficient wirelessly powered laptop computer. The laptop, developed in partnership with a leading computer industry manufacturer, will be powered through an integrated eCoupled-enabled desktop.

The laptop-charging desktop concept has been in development with one of Fulton's key strategic partners since eCoupled technology's debut at CES in 2007, and it is just one example of how eCoupled technology is on track to make everyday life easier, safer and more energy efficient. Soon, the technology will make masses of charging cords obsolete in everything from cell phones and toys to power tools, cars and kitchen appliances.

To demonstrate the versatility of eCoupled technology, Fulton Innovation will display wireless power in action with a variety of additional devices, including low-power applications like the Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune; to medium-power applications like the laptop; to high-power applications like an electric frying pan, George Foreman grill and food processor.

-- eCoupled Technology - Profiling System Saves Energy --

Many consumers do not realize that consumer electronic devices and appliances continue to draw electricity while the products are turned off, but research from the U.S. Department of Energy determined that 75 percent of all electricity used to power electronics is consumed by products that are not in use.

eCoupled Intelligent Wireless Power addresses this problem by utilizing an advanced profiling protocol that not only identifies eCoupled-enabled devices to power, but also assesses power needs and individual battery life cycles to provide only the necessary amount of power for any given device.

For example, if a device needs three volts of power and has an internal battery that is 85 percent efficient, the technology supplies three volts of power until the battery is fully charged, then the technology shuts off, unlike plug-in adapters and other wireless power solutions that stay on even when a device is not being powered. Each device consumes exactly what it needs -- no more, no less. As a result, consumers will not only be able to eliminate the need for annoying chargers, cords and connectors, but also conserve energy and contribute to a more efficient, green-friendly world by using eCoupled technology.

-- How eCoupled Technology Works --

eCoupled technology includes an inductively coupled power circuit that dynamically seeks resonance, allowing the primary supply circuit to adapt its operation to match the needs of the devices it supplies. The technology communicates with individual and/or multiple devices in real time, assessing power requirements, the age of the device and battery and charging lifecycles. This innovative, patented communication protocol allows for the optimal transmission of power to maintain a device at peak efficiency.

eCoupled technology overcomes the limitations of spatial rigidity, static loads and unacceptable power losses. It intelligently adapts to multiple loads -- from milliwatts to kilowatts -- and spatial configurations while maximizing energy transfer efficiencies by as much as 98%, making eCoupled technology comparable to hardwired connections in terms of energy costs.

eCoupled technology's smart approach provides one of the safest operating systems in the marketplace. Through its identification protocol, eCoupled technology has the ability to authenticate any eCoupled-enabled device within range. If a device or object is not recognized immediately, the primary coil will NOT turn on and supply power to it, maintaining a safe operating environment.

-- See eCoupled Technology at CES --

Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, Booth #15728

Fulton Innovation is conducting individual and group demonstrations for members of the media and prospective licensees.

-- About Fulton Innovation and eCoupled Technology --

eCoupled technology is a revolutionary new development from Fulton Innovation, a division of Alticor, Inc. Fulton Innovation is dedicated to commercializing new and innovative technologies that improve the way we live, work and play.

The engineers behind eCoupled technology have been developing and perfecting it for many years. The technology has been incorporated into Alticor's water purification devices for over six years, with over 1.5 million devices sold in over 36 countries worldwide to date.

Alticor, Inc. employs more than 13,000 people worldwide, including over 450 engineers and scientists. Alticor has sales in excess of $6 billion annually, and operates its world headquarters in Ada, Michigan with affiliates located in more than 80 countries and territories worldwide.

For more information, please visit fultoninnovation.com.


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