New Product Compatible with Apple iPhone's Existing SIM Card Allows Users to Bypass Lock and Utilize Different Providers

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X-SIM II, a new product from, works with Apple iPhone's existing SIM card to bypass the phone's lock, allowing users flexibility in choosing service providers.

X-SIM II, a flexible film adapter SIM card now available from, makes it easier and more affordable than ever to "unlock" an Apple iPhone.

Unlocking an iPhone is nothing new. What is new is that the solution is no longer expensive and the phone can still be upgraded from Apple's server after unlocked. X-SIM II allows individuals to use the Apple iPhone with different providers by bypassing the lock to work with the phone's existing SIM card. This solution for iPhone users is available for only $45.21 USD.

All iPhones are locked before they are sent to their authorized operator, and users must accept the operator selling the iPhone as well as the operator's airtime package. Now, with the introduction of X-SIM II, people from different countries can successfully "unlock" their Apple iPhones with no risk.

The X-SIM II (, aka Turbo SIM, is designed to skip the SIM card identification process that is necessary with most other iPhone unlocking software. With other iPhone unlockers, the working secret is that there is operator identification in the iPhone. When a user inserts a SIM card, the iPhone identifies whether or not the SIM card is from its authorized operator. If so, the iPhone will open; if not, the phone does not open. This identification step is eliminated with the X-SIM II.

An X-SIM II user needs to combine his or her own SIM card with the X-SIM II and then insert them into the iPhone's SIM card slot. The iPhone can then connect in any operator's network, meaning that the iPhone is never officially unlocked, but rather, the user bypasses the identifying step to opening the phone. This makes it possible for the phone to be upgraded with any firmware from Apple, as well as keep the warranty from the operator.

For more information about's X-SIM II film adapter SIM card and its use for bypassing Apple iPhones, visit

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