Tired of Fatigue? Try 6 Dahn Yoga Exercises for Vibrant Energy

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Fatigue, the persistent lack of physical or mental energy and motivation, is common in our stress-filled world. Ilchi Lee (http://www.ilchi.com) believes that overcoming fatigue requires good nutrition, sound sleep, and energy-related practices - regular exercise, deep relaxation and stress-managing strategies. Based on oriental health principles, yoga can stimulate the body's energy system. Too much stress and tension block energy flows, depriving the brain and body of their natural vitality. He describes five Dahn Yoga exercises to generate vibrant energy.

Fatigue, the persistent lack of physical or mental energy and motivation, is increasingly common in our stress-filled world. It is often accompanied by muscle aches, apathy, lethargy and drowsiness. Fatigue is a normal response to high emotional stress, physical exertion, boredom and inadequate sleep. However, it may be a sign of more serious physical and psychological problems, such as depression, under active thyroid, sleep disorder and allergy.

According to Ilchi Lee (http://www.ilchi.com), president of the University of Brain Education (South Korea), "Overcoming physical and emotional fatigue requires a balanced approach of good nutrition, sound sleep, and the energy-related practices of regular exercise, deep relaxation and stress-managing strategies."

As the founder of Dahn Yoga (http://www.dahnyoga.com), modern integrated body-mind fitness training with roots in ancient Korean health practices, he adds, "In terms of oriental health principles, yoga is well suited to counter fatigue and restore energy because the human body is an 'energy-circulating system,' of meridian channels and with acupressure points. Excessive stress and tension block the energy flows, depriving the brain and the rest of the body of their natural vitality."

Lee explains, "Dahn Yoga combines stretching, breathing and meditation exercises to improve how the brain and body generate the vibrant energy needed by people to live well." He describes six Dahn Yoga exercises to revitalize their lives.

1. Take a Bow. When you sit for long periods, this posture is effective for stimulating the spine and nervous system. It stretches the inner thighs, chest, abdomen and waist. Lock your fingers behind your neck. Inhale. With feet together and stationary, turn your body to the left. Bend from the waist and bring your head toward your left knee. Hold this position for 5 seconds. Move your head and trunk toward your right knee. Hold for 5 seconds. Exhale as you slowly return to a standing position. Repeat the exercise twice, alternating both sides.

2. Let's Swing. Invigorate your body and increase your circulation with this graceful swinging posture. Place your feet parallel, shoulder-width apart. Relax your knees. Extend one arm forward, slightly raised with relaxed elbows, and the other behind you. Imagine that you are gracefully dancing. Slowly bounce while moving your head toward the arm behind you. Repeat this motion in the opposite direction.

3. Happy Giraffe. Reward yourself with a massage to get rid of neck tension. Rapidly rub your hands together to warm them. Massage the back of your neck with your fingertip pads. Slowly rotate your neck in a circular motion to the right (clockwise) and then to the left (counterclockwise). Massage your trapezius muscles (below the neck and along the spine) and then the length of your arms. Do for up to 5 minutes

4. Pedal Pusher. This exercise relieves lower extremity fatigue and enhances your stamina. Lie on your back and raise your legs straight up, keeping the knees relaxed. Support the back of your waist with both hands. As if you are riding a bicycle, move your legs, making a big motion. Be sure that your neck and shoulders are relaxed. Do for up to 5 minutes.

5. Awakened Brain. This simple outdoor practice will awaken your brain, stimulate your body's energy, and give you precious time alone with your self. Season permitting, go outdoors to get more in touch with your senses. Without shoes, walk slowly on grass or soak your feet in warm water. This activates your feet's many acupressure points. Next, stand still. Close your eyes and focus on the air and smells around you, on the sounds and the sensation of grass or water on your bare feet. Do this exercise for up to 5 minutes each day.

As Lee concludes, "You are the master of your life, or 'your fatigue is yours, not you.'"

For more information on Dahn Yoga, visit http://www.dahnyoga.com , or phone 1-877-HSP-YOGA.


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