NESecure Helps Developers Bring New Software to the Global Marketplace Instantly and Easily

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NESecure is a unique subscription-based service that allows software developers to bring their software to the global marketplace quickly and easily. Combining robust encryption-based security and copy protection with secure e-Commerce, new software products can be securely launched from a simple, non-secure website. Its rich feature-set includes version management, periodic update checks and multiple license types.


All you need is a link, a 'Buy Now' button, on an ordinary web page

When Joe Nemeth, co-founder of NEMetrics, LLC, decided to bring his newly-developed project management software to the marketplace, he expected to find dozens of products that would help him sell his software securely on the Web. What he found was a wide selection of scattered pieces from different puzzles that didn't fit together.

"It was astonishing," said Nemeth. "Over the years, I've bought many software products through the Internet, and the big guys like Adobe and Microsoft have made it look easy. I thought I could browse the Web and find dozens of solutions for selling my product. But when I actually looked, no one had really put the pieces together. Oh, there were solutions for selling physical inventory. And there were dozens of products for copy-protecting my software. But making them fit together .... No one was offering that."

The few solutions he found, said Nemeth, were unsatisfactory. "The integrated solutions were either reasonably priced but totally inflexible, or reasonably flexible but ridiculously expensive. And the expensive solutions were secretive about what the security actually did, which was a red flag in my mind." Secrecy is not good security, says Nemeth. "Secrets get out. If a disgruntled employee doesn't expose them, then a professional pirate will simply buy your product and pick it to pieces to find out how it works. Either way, security based on secrets gets compromised."

He ended up writing his own system based on robust, attack-resistant cryptographic methods, as most of the big software houses, as well as many smaller developers, have done again and again. And because there was so little available commercially, he decided to offer his system as a service to other software developers. The result is NESecure, released in December of 2007.

With NESecure, a software developer purchases a monthly subscription, which opens and maintains a web-accessible management account on the NEMetrics secure servers. From this management account, product and version entries can be created that generate customized encryption keys -- and there is no limit to the number of products a single account can support. Automatically-generated header files can be downloaded to add security to your software source code. Once secured, your software package can be made freely available on the web -- your software will not run without a serial number and an activation code, both of which can only be obtained from the NESecure servers.

However, the service goes beyond security. From the management account, set a selling price for your software, in the international currency of your choice, and your software is immediately available for sale through the NESecure sales portal. As a final step, add a link to your web site, and your software is securely available for sale, all over the world. Once a month, you receive funds in your preferred currency for all your products sold through the NESecure portal.

You don't have a web site yet? "Not a problem," says Nemeth. "Putting up a simple, attractive, useful website is something we'll be happy to help you with. Or we can direct you to services that specialize in setting up and maintaining more elaborate sites." The hard part -- adding secure e-commerce, which involves fixed IP addresses, SSL certificates, hacker-proof server-side scripting, secure database management, transaction logging, merchant accounts and custom HTTPS protocol sequences -- isn't required on your site. "All you need is a link, a 'Buy Now' button, on an ordinary web page," says Nemeth. "You can concentrate on your page content, and on marketing your product, rather than on all the complex machinery that makes the sale happen."

But if you really want to develop your own e-commerce site, or already have an e-commerce site, NESecure makes integration easy with server-side scripts and sample code. "We don't lock you into our sales process," says Nemeth. "But we do make it very easy for you to use our process to start selling your product immediately."

NESecure supports multiple license types, including trial and lease licenses, multiple activations per serial number, periodic upgrade checks that allow your customers to be notified of free and paid upgrades to your product, simple and flexible version management, the ability to issue no-charge serial numbers to testers and reviewers, one-button refund and serial number cancellation, and complete control over your serial numbers once issued. Integrating NESecure with your software can be accomplished in minutes, and the NESecure Professional version allows lightning-fast security checks to be distributed throughout your code that are next to impossible for hackers to find and remove.

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