Americas Watchdog Describes Counterfeit Drugs Or Cigarettes Purchased On The Internet As A Global Ticking Time Bomb For Consumers & The Actual Manufacturers

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Americas Watchdog and its Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants are strongly urging consumers to not purchase any type of pharmaceutical, drug or cigarette on the Internet, because the majority could be counterfeits or very poor quality knock offs. At the same time, Americas Watchdog and its Global Piracy & Counterfeiting consultants are urging pharmaceutical companies and cigarette makers to take the looming global counterfeiting disaster much more seriously. For those not understanding the scope of the problem, counterfeit drugs and counterfeit cigarettes is a hundred billion dollar-plus per year global growing problem. At some point, there will be a mass casualty from counterfeit drugs or cigarettes that could put at risk the future of the legitimate manufacturers, because they did nothing, or their attempts to combat counterfeiting were too little, too late or no effort at all.

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it will be nothing short of a corporate disaster of biblical; proportions

Americas Watchdog and its Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants are among the most quoted sources in the world on counterfeit drugs and cigarettes. The Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants (Http://GP-CC.Com) are now strongly encouraging consumers worldwide to not purchase pharmaceuticals, any type of drug, or any type of cigarette on the Internet, unless the consumer is a 100% certain they are getting the legitimate product. Americas Watchdog describes the counterfeit pharmaceutical/drug and cigarette problem as, "a looming global disaster, that is nothing short of a huge ticking time bomb. It is no longer a question of if thousands will die, its simply a question of how soon". In addition, Americas Watchdog indicated that, "corporations thinking they can blame a government, or law enforcement for not doing enough about counterfeit drugs or cigarettes will not have a valid excuse, when the disaster happens or the series of disasters happen". "The next 9-11 type attack could come to the US, Europe, Australia, or Japan via counterfeit pills or cigarettes, and no one would ever know it was happening until it was too late".

Pharmaceutical makers, or cigarette makers have another problem ... they are not held in high regard by the majority of global consumers and/or voters. When the disaster happens, the victims and consumers may not be very sympathetic towards drug makers or cigarette makers, who should have done more to control the global counterfeiting problem, or to protect their brand. This mentions nothing of the fact that shareholders of pharmaceutical or tobacco manufacturers could lose a large portion of their investment because of a "someone else will take care of the problem for us attitude, on the part of legitimate drug or cigarette manufacturers".

Americas Watchdog went on to say; "the global drug counterfeiting problem is a 100 billion+ dollar a year growing disaster. In just two provinces of China, 200 billion counterfeit cigarettes are produced each year. How are the shareholders of the legitimate pharmaceutical or cigarette manufacturers being served by corporate executives who do little, or do nothing"? According to Americas Watchdog; "not very well". Thus far Americas Watchdog has been horrified at how lax or uninterested pharmaceutical or cigarette manufactures have been to the growing global counterfeiting problem. Americas Watchdog explained that, "thus far the corporate security people we have talked with regarding counterfeiting pharmaceuticals, or cigarettes have been arrogant, not been very interested in protecting their brands, not that interested in their companies reputations, and not very concerned about their shareholders". "CEOs or Presidents of pharmaceutical/drug makers or cigarette makers could pay a horrible price for having lax security, or little to no interest in brand protection. Because shareholders of the major drug or cigarette makers are losing billions of dollars each year to knock offs or counterfeits, its time for legitimate pharmaceutical & cigarette company Presidents & CEO's to step up to the plate".

According to Americas Watchdog, "each of the biggest makers of ED drugs (erectile dysfunction drug) are losing at least 2 billion US dollars a year (minimum) to counterfeiters and, the top four global cigarette makers are each losing at least 3 billion US dollars (minimum) a year to counterfeiters. From a shareholder standpoint that's a disgrace". "What happens to the company when consumers start dying from counterfeit products labeled as the real deal"? According to Americas Watchdog, "it will be nothing short of a corporate disaster of biblical; proportions". Even worse, with gigantic profits involved; the biggest counterfeiters in the world, (China and India) could soon be joined by illegal drug kingpins in South & Central America, along with African organized crime and Islamic terror groups". Translation this problem is about to get much, much worse.

"The only way to combat the counterfeit global drug or cigarette disaster is to go into the world counterfeiting sewer, identify the players and expose the largest counterfeiters and their manufacturing locations to law enforcement, the news media and consumers. The Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants has this as its mission". The group hopes pharmaceutical companies & cigarette corporate CEO's or their inside or outside counsel will understand this is a very high stakes game, and they need to act now, in order to to protect their customers and their shareholders.

The Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants may soon have an emergency conference for major drug makers and cigarette makers to show them how their products are being counterfeited, how the counterfeits are being sold to consumers, and how counterfeits are then easily reaching the North American and European markets. Larger pharmaceutical companies and tobacco companies should contact the Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants for more information. The conference status is considered urgent for the manufacturers, and could be held as early as March of 2008 in the US.

Americas Watchdog created the Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants as a way to marry consumer protection with shareholder protection in combating global counterfeiting. Americas Watchdog saw this as a unique way to create a win-win for consumers and corporations. The Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants (http://GP-CC.Com) is advancing its own investigations involving counterfeit pharmaceuticals and cigarettes, and strongly encourages drug makers or cigarette makers to contact them in order to gain insights into this growing problem (or their specific problem). Americas Watchdog is also warning, all global consumers to avoid most Internet pharmaceutical, Internet drugs, and cigarette "retailers" over the issue of identity theft. Many Internet retailers in drugs or cigarettes "are simply fronts for organized crime. According to Americas Watchdog; "who in their right mind would want to give the Russian, or Chinese Mafia personal information, along with a credit card number?"

Americas Watchdog and its Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants are all about global consumer protection, shareholder protection and global corporate responsibility.


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