Infamous Rich Jerk Reveals New Underground Millionaire Real Estate Secrets

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The Rich Jerk dares to share carefully guarded multi-millionaire secrets within his new making millions in real estate e-book, which makes him a possible target for death threats from real estate tycoons. For more information visit:

For years real estate experts have been protecting their ancient trade secrets of how they make easy money in real estate. These underground secrets have been carefully guarded for decades amongst real estate tycoons until now. The Rich Jerk is now revealing all of the ins and outs of these lucrative real estate practices in his new making millions in real estate e-book.

Readers may know the Rich Jerk from one of his other infamous websites about making money online. He now claims that making money online is pennies compared to what he earns in real estate. The Rich Jerk got his start by making millions on the Internet only a few years ago and has now risen to be referred to as the number one internet marketer in the world. The Rich Jerk has shared many of his Internet marketing secrets but none of which has been more controversial and exciting than his new making money course in real estate. He has made millions in real estate, and while others are panicking about a real estate "bubble", he wants properties and he wants them right away. The Rich Jerk is always buying low and selling high and always making a profit, no matter what the current market situation is. "It is like having a license to print money", he says.

In his new e-book he states that you will learn what 99.9% of what the other idiots in the world will never know about making money in real estate while using other peoples' money. Even if a person has bad credit and no money, they can still buy ocean-front homes, commercial buildings, apartment buildings, warehouses, land, and more according to his proclaimed methods.

The Rich Jerk has bought and sold lots of properties and reveals them, along with his profit margin, on his website and new e-book. Just to name a few, one home he purchased was in N. Wetherly Drive, Los Angeles, California for $220,000 and sold for $1,851,000 with a profit of $1,580,000. Another home was purchased by him in Espana Lane., Thousand Oaks, California for $512,000 and sold for $631,000 with a profit of $119,000.

So just how did The Rich Jerk get so real estate savvy? He claims that while some of his sources were doing time in prison for their "creative" deals, he was busy visiting posh minimum security prisons to interview them so he could get an unfair advantage. He even says you won't believe the secrets they whispered to him there.

So whether it's time to pick up a foreclosed home that someone spent too much money on, with an adjustable rate mortgage that came back to bite them on their back side, he will now show people step by step how to make a killing on these properties, while at the same time showing them how they can help others get out of a property they cannot afford.

The Rich Jerk even goes as far as to supply his very own personal list of investors who will pay people a finder's fee for simply bringing properties to their attention. There are thousands of distressed properties across the country. There is no way they can keep up. If a person wants a $5k or $10k finder's fee, they simply find the properties for his investors, and that is it; they are done. Otherwise, if one wants to be more involved and possibly make hundreds of thousands of dollars, he'll also throw in his personal list of lenders in EVERY state. They will lend others money to secure a property for pennies on the dollar even if someone has bad credit. Then the buyer can make a few improvements and make out like a bandit on the sale of that property or house. The Rich Jerk states he does this all of the time and it is like taking candy from a baby.

The Rich Jerk says, "It is up to others to take the next step to becoming the next real estate millionaire if they can get their lazy butt over to his website while he is still offering his idiot-proof making money in real estate program within his new e-book."

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