Fast Typing? Thumb-itis? 40 WPM in 3 WEEKS! FrogPad and De Marque

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FrogPad and De Marque, an innovator in productive mobile data entry technologies, has been capturing the curiosity, minds and digits of the growing Educational market with the introduction of both USB and Bluetooth one-handed keyboards since 2003 with a typing tutorial which will cut teaching time down by 1/5.

FrogPad, an innovator in productive mobile data entry technologies, has been capturing the curiosity, minds and digits of the growing corporate technology market with the introduction of both USB and Bluetooth one-handed keyboards since 2003. FrogPad is a powerful tool for true mobile productivity and prevents the dreaded Thumb-itis. With the advent of Microsoft Windows Mobile 5, Linux and Symbian, FrogPad is the first mobile solution for full text data entry.

DeMarque, the renowned creator of E-Learning typing tutorials for corporate settings and for grades K-12 in the US and Canada has teamed with FrogPad to offer an Apple MacWorld Special. FrogPad customers can subscribe to the 6-month period at the 3-month subscription rate.

The FrogPad keyboard is easier to learn than a standard keyboard because it is one-handed as most activities are, and it has been designed around the 15 most frequently used letters by all languages using the Roman alphabet. The DeMarque typing tutorial for the FrogPad keyboard features "Friendly Froggie" to train users to type very efficiently with one hand. The On-line tutorial is available in English, and will soon be in French, German and Spanish. Latest Review:

For one fee of $39.95, the faster typing method of FrogPad can be accessed with the licensed tutorial on line for a 6-month period. Promo code: TPF676RT,

FrogPad™ for Educators
By enabling typing with one hand, FrogPad™ is revolutionizing the use of technology in the education system. The size and portability of the keyboard make it ideal for classroom use. Computer technology has become a very important tool in the educational system for both teachers and students. In elementary schools, the curriculum focuses on ensuring that students are computer literate. Schools devote an entire semester to teaching students how to type. Because of the intuitive patented letter layout, teaching students to type on FrogPad™ will insure faster learning in less time than a semester. An average person can learn to type 40 WPM on the FrogPad™ with less than ten hours of practice, when sixty hours are required for a regular keyboard. The professional tutorial developed and now offered by DeMarque is fun and easy to use. It provides great instruction and training for new users. And young children will leap to using it immediately. It gives every student a real chance to experience the joys of technology.

Disabilities in the Classroom
FrogPad™ is a great tool for students with disabilities. In an education system where inclusion and mainstreaming have become very popular practices, FrogPad™ further enables students with disabilities to function normally in a regular classroom. Its design allows students to type quickly using only one hand, and its size makes it easily portable as well as hardly noticeable to others. Students also love the fun nature of the keyboard with its bright color and cute logo. Most students have referred it to as "cool". Think of the impact this keyboard makes for children with Dysgraphia and Cerebral Palsy. Visit the disability link for more information.

With customers in countries around the world including Japan, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, U.K., Canada, the United States, FrogPad is quickly becoming the mobile computer interface choice for keyboarders around the world. Today there are four form factors of the patented FrogPad data entry interface: the FrogPad standard keyboard, the slimmer mini FrogPad, the Bluetooth-enabled iFrog, and the most recent addition to the Frog family, the Bluetooth headset, FrogTalk. All keyboards are offered in left and right hand models.

FrogPad products can be purchased online at or through its international distribution partner, Scan manages all International direct web-based distribution for FrogPad. FrogPad is well positioned to be the data interface of choice for the projected market of 19 billion portable wireless Internet devices in the next 4 years.

Founder and FrogPad President Linda Marroquin likens the introduction of the FrogPad to the market changing launches of the Laptop or the PDA, "The standard QWERTY keyboard in use today was designed for a different time when mobile computing devices were only a glimmer in the eyes of their developers; and the continual evolution and miniaturization of mobile technology devices are driving the need for a new kind of data entry device. The patented FrogPad product platform is the solution."

Current applications for the future wearable Frog include industries with needs for easy data entry from a field application such as Military Mobile Force Warrior, healthcare patient care, and remote field operations such as on-site drilling for the Oil & Gas industry. FrogPad is an innovator in one-handed data entry methods for mobile computing devices.


Since 1990 De Marque provides applications that capitalize on new information technology to foster learning and skills development. De Marque products are designed for schools and families, as well as business users and the general public.

De Marque is the creator of Typing Pal. Typing Pal is a complete, personalized and efficient keyboarding method. It is currently sold in more than 15 countries and available in 7 languages. Originally a CD-ROM product, Typing Pal has evolved to an online product since year 2000. As of today, hundreds of thousands of students learn keyboarding with Typing Pal in Canada, USA, Mexico and Europe. The tutorial helps shortening children' learning curve when using technology. For more information please visit

The company's staff of about 25 persons is made of educators and technology and communication specialists. De Marque's headquarters are located in Quebec City (Canada). The company also has a sales office in Paris (France) and sales personnel in Montreal (Canada).

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