The Money Gym's Top New Year Money Resolutions for 2008

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The Money Gym has put together tips for a financially successful 2008.

Changing your financial situation begins with changing your money habits, and what better time to tackle money-draining actions and focus on wealthy behaviour than the start of a New Year. So, Money Gym ( coach Judith Morgan has put together her tips for a financially successful 2008.

1. Do something with your money.

It could be learning how to evaluate and source a great property deal, trade in endowments, or invest it in a great little business that can even you earn you money while you're at your day job (or in bed). One such example would be to write an ebook and sell it via the Internet just like one Money Gym coachee has with ecourses on PR at Alternatively, you can set up you your own website to promote someone else's products, and earn affiliate fees. There are whole forums devoted to this such as

But do pay attention to your money - what you pay attention to expands.

2. Make it A Game

Challenge yourself to see how much you can save yourself this year. Some easy to implement suggestions would be to:

  • Review and consolidate utility suppliers and pay by direct debt
  • If you are not using your gym, cancel your membership and power walk instead
  • Check if you get free travel insurance for all trips booked on your credit card
  • Consider house-swapping for free holidays
  • Cut out takeaways, limit designer coffees, bribes, treats and rewards
  • Do all your food shopping online to a budget (enables you to prune items)

Use a mobile phone broker and cross quote on all major purchases on the web
Not upgrading your mobile every 12 months can save you at least £15 pcm

  • Move personal and business banks and get 12-18 months free banking
  • Get a credit card with 0% interest for a year - or several.
  • Leave your credit cards at home, wait 24 hours before making any purchase

3. Clear the Clutter

Get rid of stuff you don't use and never will via boot Fairs, E-Bay and Gumtree - buyer collects. Meditate for 15 minutes a day to clear your mental clutter, and help stop emotional spending.

4. Seek Out Others

Barter- swap your skills or time for what you want. Feed your brain - read books on wealth creation, watch DVDs and attend free workshops. Hang out with other people who are serious about making money and creating a better future for themselves and their family. Ask for a discount…always. You may surprise yourself. Above all, treat today as an investment in your future.

But, as well as the usual helpful tools to enable clients to deal with seasonal worries like debt, The Money Gym very much believes in exerting more energy on finding ways to make more money, rather than attempting to save money. It has helped hundreds of people along the road to financial independence (and created some millionaires along the way). It is a powerful programme that teaches participants a solid and proven way of creating wealth, with a choice of ways to suit your personality. These could be a choice of, or a combination of high risk, high return investment, solid bricks and mortar, or building a business that you can sell or use to set you up for life.    

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