Now Offers A Do It Your Self Credit Repair Kit

Share Article credit repair attorney now offers a Do It yourself credit improvement guide that includes the tips and tricks of the professionals to challenge negative items on credit reports.

Macy Legal has been offering credit repair services for nearly 8 years for those with credit challenges that needed legal assistance to challenge bankruptcies, charge offs, liens, pate payments and other negative or negative credit scoring marks on any of the three major credit reporting agencies. Macy Legal has qualified staff to challenge any of the credit marks that the reporting agencies may put on your report.

Responding to customer demand Macy Legal Credit Attorney Inc is now offering a Do It Your Self Credit Repair or Kit that includes everything needed for those that want to challenge credit marks against their fico score. Many customers ask specific questions regarding learning the process and by law have the right to challenge any mark that they feel is.

It could take the average consumer an extensive amount of time to learn all of the tricks and necessary information for fast and responsive credit challenges. The new self guide to credit repair from Macy Legal is written by those that have extensive experience in dealing with the large three credit reporting agencies. This is experience can prove vital in getting negative credit marks removed from your credit report. The new self Credit Repair Guide explains in an overview and in detail how to challenge credit reports marks and ultimately remove the negative items that shouldn't be there and in turn raise your credit score. The Program also shows you how to get quicker results. Many customers come to Macy Legal to use the Attorney Credit Results Program after having tried to do it themselves with little or no positive response from the credit reporting agencies. This program will show you how to get past what is called The Credit Wall of the Reporting Agencies to get results.

Macy Legal also offers the previous credit repair program Called Fast Results Program as well as the Regular Results program. Each of these will still be available and for those that try the Credit Self Help Kit and decide that they do not want to fool with it then the cost of the Self Help Program will be credited toward either of the programs that Macy Legal offers where the consumer has to touch nothing and Macy Legal handles everything for the customers.

By allowing those to use the money purchased on the self help credit program toward the Attorney based programs customer cannot lose if they decide, after they buy the self help kit that they do not want to follow through on their own but would rather have a legal firm do it for them then they can put the $39.95 toward the Legal Credit Repair Program reducing the cost from $79.95 to only $40 down. Macy Legal also offers credit dispute letters written with no long term comittments.

The fast results program is the still the most popular for customers to work on improving the credit score and we expect many customers to buy the self Help Program to learn and then use the credit toward our self help program. This way Macy Legal does the credit work while the customer can still keep the kit to learn for any future credit problems that may occur.


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